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DVR-ing more than one show at a time.

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DVR-ing more than one show at a time.

I think DVR boxes should be made to be able to record up to 5 shows simultaneously.  There are so many shows on that we watch that are on at the same time.  

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Re: DVR-ing more than one show at a time.

My solution to recording more than 2 shows was to install a second DVR. Way cheaper than Tivo.

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Re: DVR-ing more than one show at a time.

When you're looking up shows to watch and you push the button for more info,do you notice the little clock icon in the menu? Usually if it's not on a major network,that little icon will show you other times a program may be on? That way you can schedule your programs appropriately,so you don't miss anything. I'm more of a movie and History channel type watcher,so most of their schedules are flexible,when setting up recordings on my dvr.


I think the top of the line TIVO boxes can only record 4 programs at a time? Hey but a Comcast customer can always dream,huh?

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Re: DVR-ing more than one show at a time.

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Right now there is a trial going on with a 4 tuner DVR supplied by Comcast.  Comcast promises it will become more widely available, but there is no reported dates set.


You have the choice to purchase a retail Tivo Premiere Elite with 4 tuners and a 2TB drive.  If your a heavy DVR user and can afford it, this is a premium DVR that you will be happy with.  Purchase the Tivo, subscribe to Tivo's service and then add a cable card from Comcast at the monthly rate.  Right now a Tivo doesn't do On Demand, but it is coming to Comcast subscribers and Tivo has it's own online content available from 3rd parties such as Netflix, HulaPlus, Blockbuster & Amazon.


Other users are using a cable card PC tuner in a Windows Media Center PC.  These have 4 tuners to record to the PC.  You can have a Media Center PC hooked up to your HDTV or use a Media Center extender such as a Ebox on your TV to watch the recordings.  Cable card tuners are from Mfr's such as SiliconDust, Hauppauge and Ceton.