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I have a Cisco RNG 200N HD-DVR, connected to a Panasonic plasma 720p tv. About 6 months ago I began receiving a message that reads "DVI/HDMI output is blocked." It then says "Press Exit to Cancel." I can cancel the message if but the video never displays and most time no audio as well. If I press the "info" button, the TV does display channel information but still no video & sound. Sometime I let the tv run for hours and it may eventually start displaying with audio. Lately even that does not always work. My DVD and cable box setup are in closet (~35ft) running across CAT-5 cable with HDMI converter cards on each end. My DVD connection is not working as one of the cards stopped working after recent storm. Interestingly today I powered down the cable box and within 30 mins everything worked. I have another Cisco RNG 200N HD-DVR box for a second room location with same HDMI/CAT-5 setup (45ft) connected to a Sony 1080P LCD. Have not experienced  any issues.
Would appreciate some advice.
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I have the same issues with my phillips 42 inch LCD model number (42pf7421d) RNG 150 cisco cable box and the denon AVR-991, I'm using the HDMI to connect the TV and the RNG 150 to the denon reciever. its going on 3 months now and no luck getting rid of this message (HDMI/DVI blocked blue screen) I need help... if i have to use the componet video cables and the opicial cables i can not use my tv for the menu controls of the denon reciever (i.e. volume, sleep timer, etc) plus i have a huge pile of wires NOW


does anyone know a solution/cure for this problem