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Cable box keeps going out

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Cable box keeps going out

My cable box keeps shutting itself off. I had this problem last week but after 6 hours or so it was working again and I cancelled my tech visit because I don';t want to be charged the $20 for him to come out and tell me nothing is wrong. This morning the box was out before I went to work and it continues to cycle if I try watching TV. It will stay on for a minute then shut down. When it comes back on there is usually a minute or two delay where the display says "0" then the channel will come up and the TV will work for about a minute and shut down again. Is there something wrong with my box? Is there a known issue? I have already tried unplugging it and it doesn't make a difference.

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Re: Cable box keeps going out

I had the same problem with my box - an RNG200.  It happened right after a local power outage - when power was restored the box kept rebooting itself and would not stay on.  When I called Comcast I was told this is a known potential problem with this box when it is unplugged or there's a power outage. 


Their recommendation was to go to the local Comcast office and swap it for a new box.  I did and was given an RNG200N which works fine.

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Re: Cable box keeps going out

It can be several issues, overheating, power supply failure or even sometimes a signal issue will cause it.


You are welcome to exchange the box at the local Comcast office, and if it continues, then a tech would need to come out.  Comcast does not charge for outside issues with the drop cable, or their equipment. 


They might charge if the issue is with your inside coaxial cabling / splitters other cabling issues as your inside coax cabling is owned by the homeowner like your inside phone wiring, plumbing and electrical.  If you subscribe to the Comcast inside wiring maintenance, then they would fix most inside wiring issues no charge.