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AnyRoom DVR not working

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AnyRoom DVR not working

So, I'm a new Xfinity subscriber.  Purchased the HD Complete XF Triple Play bundle last month, had cable installed and went through the rigamarole of getting internet up and running.  Just when I think everything is ready and I can sit down and start enjoying the service, I notice that the AnyRoom DVR function is not working.  I logged in and started a support chat with Comcast support and have been told that, even though the Complete XF Triple Play bundle includes AnyRoom DVR functionality, it's "not available in my area yet" and I'll be informed when it is. 

Has anybody else had this problem?  Is this "customer support" rep just blowing smoke?  If this is true, then why is Comcast playing bait-and-switch with their service.  I'm now paying for a service that they can't provide. That was not communicated to me when I signed up.


Sadly, where I was living before had FiOS available.  Comcast is the only game in town where I'm living now.  This reminds me of why I switched from Comcast in the first place over to FiOS.  Had it for over 2 years and never had a problem (multiple room DVR service included).


Very frustrating.

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Re: AnyRoom DVR not working

Thanks.  Kind of what I figured, but taking the night (and day) to cool down before I call.  Seems kind of ridiculous/far fetched.

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Re: AnyRoom DVR not working

InfoSecRunnr wrote:

 I logged in and started a support chat with Comcast support

Those of us who have been around the forums for a long time generally agree that using chat is a waste of time.


Call Comcast instead. Or if you have a local Comcast office in your area go there and ask.


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This is done to protect customers and for assurance that they are dealing with a Comcast employee.
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Re: AnyRoom DVR not working

Thanks for the reply and this isn't aimed at you.  Why, when I ordered the product, was it advertised like this:


HD Complete XF Triple Play

Package Details:


    • AnyRoom® DVR service so you can watch recorded shows in any room you want up to 4 rooms. Plus, get stunning HD picture quality included for 3 additional TVs.
    • Over 200 digital channels, including HBO®, STARZ®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME® plus The Movie Channel®.
    • Sports Entertainment Package, including NFL RedZone®.
    • XFINITY On Demand has thousands of movies, TV shows and more on TV and streaming online – and ninety percent of them are free.
    • XFINITY Streampix™ – Stream hit movies and entire past seasons of your favorite shows instantly.
    • The speed you need to game in real-time, download HD movies, and connect all the devices in your home simultaneously – at incredible speeds.
    • Wireless Gateway to connect all your devices to the Internet.
    • Constant Guard™ – the most comprehensive online protection (a $360 value). Includes Norton™ Security Suite and more.
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and text.
    • Backed by the 30-Day Money-Back Comcast Customer Guarantee.

There's nothing there that says "When available in your area."  This is the very definition of bait-and-switch.

To your last point, they indeed seem to have "sold me something I can't get."  Fraud.

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‎08-21-2012 07:19 PM

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Re: AnyRoom DVR not working

[ Edited ]

If you have Motorola cable equipment then the AnyRoom is available to you, it must be professionally installed by a Comcast tech.


If your have Cisco equipment, the AnyRoom DVR is just being rolled out, but not yet  to all Cisco area's.  You might or might not have it to your area yet, Comcast support should be able to tell you if your in the area to order it.


You might just need to get a tech out if you have the Complete service, or they sold you something you can't yet get.