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Vizio Internet App?

Just bought a new Vizio HDTV with Web connectivity included. This is implemented through Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) gadgets. Several VIA gadgets are included such as Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Netflix. Alas, no XfinitySmiley Sad. Any plans to implement an Xfinity VIA gadget?

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Re: Vizio Internet App?

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Good question, No Great question.Smiley Happy I am with you.  I would like to see an xfinity app for Samsung as well.  Sure would save on netflix costs.

What I am doing wuile I wait is use the xfinity app for tv on the android it has their On demand stuff and I filter on Free Movies. Scroll to the movie I want and hit Watch Now. and I am able to watch it on my TV.

That said, certainly it would be cooler to use the app on the TV.


Edit to indicate that Content select in the Xfinity TV app actually plays on the TV.  Thanks for the Heads up ev


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Re: Vizio Internet App?

Any progress on an Xfinity App for Vizio Connected TV?

Or is Comcast trying to figure out a way to make an additional monthly charge for the service?

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Re: Vizio Internet App?

It's been 2.5 years since your question, and still no Vizio app for Xfinity.  I just bought a new tv and found this out.  Any new news on this situation??