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Xfi with 2 Apple Time Capsules

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Xfi with 2 Apple Time Capsules

Ok--Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have Gigabit Internet from Comcast with the new Gig Router.  It's smoking fast--I'm happy.  The Modem is in a closet in my basement and broadcasts a WiFi network (2.4 and 5).  My house is wired for ethernet.  From the Modem I run one Cat 5E out to a Apple Time Capsule and one Cat 6 out from the modem to a unmanaged Netgear router which inturn has an ethernet to another Time Capsule (along with multiple other ethernet runs to TVs, Apples TVs etc.).  Both time capsules are 2 floors above the basement.  I would like to have 1 WiFi network so I can take advantage of the Xfi pause device/bedtime mode for kids etc.  The problem is that on the Time Caspules I have to choose "create a wireless network" and I use a different name than the SSIDs broadcast from the Modem.  If I use the Time Capsule created WiFi networks for the kids devices, Xfi functionality like "pause devices" doesn't work.  I assume it's not as simple as naming the "new" wifi network the same as the Modem broadcast SSID.  So then the option is to put the modem into Bridge mode and choose to "extend a wireless network" on the time capsule but when I go into bridge mode there is no wireless network from the modem to extend.  I can't seem to accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish which is the modem, and 2 time capsules all broadcasting 1 SSID as a bit of a mesh network all over my house while allowing me to have full functionaility of the Xfi options like pause devices, set bedtime etc.  I suppose I could put the kids only on the wifi signal from the modem but because that is in the basement and they are upstairs the signal is not as good as if they were connecting the the time capsule upsatirs (which is connected via ethernet to teh basement modem).  Kinda confusing but I think this explains what I'm trying to achieve.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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