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news video playback

When I go to Comcast videos the slide bar jumps up and down and the headings for each video changes simultaneously. I cannot choose a video to view.


What's the fix? I'v tried rebooting - shutting down - backing out ot the page and going back in. Ecerything has been working ok for 12 years (as far a this problem goes) and for the last few days it has been nuts. A few days ago I couldn't get into the server for some hours. Is this related?



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Comcast Videos Don't Play

What's up with clicking on a video and then the entire list just starts scrolling and not playing!?!

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Re: news video playback

Sometimes clearing your web browser's cache clears up problems like this. A old file in the cache can cause the site to not function properly. It could also have prevented loading a site when trying to connect.


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Re: news video playback

Hi all,


Your browser may have exceeded its cookie limit. Please delete your cookies and then try watching a video again.


XfinityTV.com/Xfinity.com Support

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Re: news video playback

Maybe I missed a message (or 10) Joe, but clearing the cache of EVERYTHING had no effect; still jumps like a politician for a tax...