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Stop the advertisement!

Hey Comcast!

I pay for "Internet access", I do not pay to be hounded by advertisement! The constant barrage of advertisement slows page loading as well. I did not ask for a loud, obnoxious auto- playing car advertisement to jump up and wake the house!  Please just give me what I purchased, not what you think I should need! I can't seem to find "delete advertisement" in the available preferences. Stop tracking, spying, advertising, listing or what-ever you would care to call this, most importantly please do not "direct to E-mail" advertise!

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Re: Stop the advertisement!

Some ads can be blocked by opting out from this link. 



If you use Firefox as your browser, you can install Ad Blocker Plus Add -On to block ads.

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Re: Stop the advertisement!

get this program

Ad Muncher

Free to try for a month.

I've been using it for years and love it.