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This email is to file a complaint and to let you guys know what a bad experience I have had since Monday 2/19 I went online order 2 phones I decided I wanted to go inside of the store instead so I canceled the order and ask could I go in store and get the phones the customer service via chat and phone said I could. I went inside the store and was there for 2 hours left with nothing they told me to call the customer service line which I did and the man was so very unhelpful would not transfer me to a manager so I can see what  the issue was called back and talk to a different agent she then said I need to call the Fraud Dept called them and they were unhelpful said they could not help me. The next day I called and they told me I already had a phone because that is what it was showing in the system because the system had not updated so when the reps where trying to order the phones for me and doing credit checks when I should have had to have one because we were approved already for 2 phones I have been blind transferred after letting the rep know my issue I even talk to a rep for 1hr 30 mins and he told me he was working on it and would call me back nothing I had a manager promise to call back nothing this has been the worst experience and all I am trying to do is order phones and have one bill internet and phones. Then I replaced the order online after all of this (LOYALTY) and it ask me to send in a copy of the drivers license and utility bill I advised all the reps which I had 3 tickets for and no one could help me that I only had a license and all the bills are in my wife name is there anyway I can do something else to prove its me which is crazy because if its fraud I wouldnt keep going back in the store and calling you guys. You guys advertise that you can order online or in store and neither one I was able to do. No one offered to even compensate me for being mislead and lied to every time you guys have feedback or review on any website I would be gladly to leave one so people will know how much you guys dont value your customers at all not sure why managers call because nothing is ever done but comfort words but never resolving the issues your reps are not on the same page and do you guys not have one call resolution you continue to have your customers callback that is crazy the rate you guys are going you will be without customers. If you guys call please do not call if you dont have a resolution.  I hope this gets to the right hands horrible  customer service experience 
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