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Unlock Request Headach! Please someone at xfinity get a clue and help me!

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Unlock Request Headach! Please someone at xfinity get a clue and help me!

So, I originally got the service in october and bought me and my wife iphone 7's. My phone had some issues and I went to apple and they replaced it. Fast forward to Febuary when I decided to get 2 brand new Iphone X's direcly from apple for me and my wife for valentines. Since the new iphones are unlocked I just put our sim cards and they worked fine. Now I have 2 iphone 7 that I paid off and want to get unlocked. So my wifes was fairly easy, I called and they said that the phone was no longer on the system and they could not unlock it, so I said fine, give me a minute and let me put her sim card back on the phone so it could be unlcocked. Guess what, in a few minutes they could see the phone back on the system and they were able to process the unlock request. Okay, now, my iphone if you remember, was replaced by apple and I was actuaally under the impression that replacement phones came unlocked. Not untill I sold the phone and the buyer is overseas did I learn that the phone is not actually unlocked. Now I have an angry buyer trying to use the phone and they can't. So call xfinity to explain the situation and guess what, they cant unlock the phone because its not on the system. Whats worse is they only see the original iphone 7 that I paid off and try to explain to them that that phone is gone, replaced by apple so I guve them the imei of the replaced phone to get it unlocked but they keep telling me they cant do it because its not active on the system. So great! I dont have the phone to put the sim card in it to see if they can do it. Why is it so hard for xfinity to just request an unlock on a phone that was active on the system for months and is fully paid off. Now they are holding this phone unlock basically hostage and I have no recourse. They even told me to call apple to resolve the issue but apple says they do not do unlocks and that my carrier has to do it. I was under the impression that by law once the phone is paid off and all contractual agreements on the phone have been met that they have to unlock it, I don't why it should have to be active on the system in order to get this done. Someone get me some answers because this is getting frustrating and having to have the person return the phone all the way back to me just to put a sim card in it is rediculous!

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