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Unable to add a third line and no one knows why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Unable to add a third line and no one knows why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tried for the past four days to add a line to my Xfinity mobile account but we are unable to do so even if we pay for the phone up front. We recently switched to Xfinity mobile and tried to add three line at that time and the sale rep in the store was unable to do so. They suggested to go with 2 and then circle back around and add a third line. We agreed and that was successful but once we tried to add the third line it gave us an error, nothing specific just an error that it was unable to process the request. After speaking with a manager we all thought that it was due to my credit being frozen. I asked the sale rep in the Xfinity store which one they use and was told Experian.


Day 2

Unlocked my credit the second day and headed back to the store...same results but this time I was told they use Equifax. 


Day 3

I unlocked my Equifax credit and headed back to the store...same results. We even tried to order the phone online in the store and again nothing. We tried paying for the phone in full but again it would not allow it. As I was leaving the store I decided to call the 1888 number. This was actually pretty useful, come to find out the SS # on file was wrong. So I went back to the store and had them correct it thinking surely that was the reason I could not add a third line. As the sale associate and I corrected this error and I thought this is it,  will finally be able to add the third line...nope, foiled again. After arriving home I decided that I should call again and once again they were not able to resolve my issue but they did open a Tier 2 ticket. 


Day 4 

Tried again to order the phone again online (got tired of going to the store) and once again, you guessed it was unable to. So I called once more to see if they had any status updates...nope, no updates. I am not sure which is more aggravating, the fact that I can't add a line or the fact that no one can tell me why this is occurring. 


The saga continues..............more to come 

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Re: Unable to add a third line and no one knows why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

FYI: i recall possibly reading somewhere on xfinity mobile that you must be an account holder for a period of time before you can have more than 2 lines. I don't recall the time period though (6 months?).


Search the xfinity mobile sign up page for terms and such and maybe you can find it. Good Luck.

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Re: Unable to add a third line and no one knows why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

here was the statement I read, i must have recalled the details wrong. It merely states you need activation of the internet service with xfinity to exceeed 2 lines:

"New XFINITY Internet customers are limited to up to two lines pending activation of Internet service. Devices associated with these lines are shipped to the Internet service address on file. After XFINITY Internet gets installed, customers may be eligible for more lines, up to a total of 5, pending an external credit check."

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Re: Unable to add a third line and no one knows why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hank you for looking into a possible cause for my dilemma, but unfortunately, I have been an Xfinity internet customer for some time. 

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Re: Unable to add a third line and no one knows why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 5

Call Xfinity mobile support number again to check the status of my Tier 2 ticket.....this time they actually had an answer!! At this point, I was overjoyed, finally a solution to my problem. I was elated, had a smile ear to ear...but my happiness was short lived...it was bad news (。•́︿•̀。). The customer support representative told me that the reason I was not able to add a third line was that I had to wait thirty days. Now, this would normally not be a problem but there was no guarantee that I was going to be able to add a third line after the thirty days are over. So I asked how long do I have to return the equipment and cancel my service if I am unhappy with it and not be liable for the phones, he said 14 days. The customer support representative will most likely be able to facilitate my request but I will have to wait the thirty days which would render me unable to return the phones back without paying Xfinity for the phones.  I suggested that I am will to buy the third phone from them outright and pay for a full year of service up front if they can add the third line and again they can’t. 


Therein lies the dilemma, wait the 30 days take my chances or take the phones back and switch to a different carrier?

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