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Terrible xfinity mobile experience

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Trying to sign up with Xfinity mobile has been a terrible experience. So terrible, that I have ultimately changed my mind and decided that I cannot possibly pay for cell phone coverage through this company due to their terrible customer service and general apathy toward their customers.

Here’s my story.

On July 25th I ordered a new cellphone through xfinity’s website, it was easy. I picked an iphone 6s and signed up for an xfinity mobile account online. I opened my account to see there was a picture of the phone I ordered with a caption reading that it was ready to be activated once it shipped to me. I received an email confirming that I’d signed up for an account and another confirming my order. A few moments later I received a call from my bank. They’d declined the order because it was out of my usual billing practices. I contacted my bank and told them everything was fine. They explained that I would need to submit the order through xfinity mobile again.

When I signed into my xfinity account on my cellphone, there was a red message stating that I needed to update my payment information and a link was provided. When I clicked on the link it took me to xfinity mobile’s website but the page was not found. I tried a few minutes later but only found the same message. I called customer service and there was a 2 hour wait. I opted to have someone call me back. In the meantime, I attempted signing into my account through a PC. The url I was directed to came up as “Not Found” on my PC too, but I was able to track backwards and find the payment page through my account settings. From here I was able to update my payment information. The payment went through immediately, I even checked my bank to see that it was deducted from my account, which was strange. Most companies won’t charge customers until items ordered have been shipped.  On top of that, the phone activation page was now empty. I knew there was something wrong.

Finally customer service did call me back. The gentlemen I spoke to was polite, I explained the payment issue and told him the activation page was now blank and that I had received no email about my update of payment information. After a short hold he told me that everything was fine and that the phone should ship out the next day. This did not happen.

I called back on Thursday the 27th and explained the issue again to customer service rep. Same story, everything’s fine the phone will ship in 3 to 5 days (even though the message on my account it will be shipped in 2 days through fedex). This made no sense to me I hadn’t received any status updates through email and all the payment page said on my xfinity account was “shipping soon”. This didn’t matter to the rep, he said everything was fine and that there was no need for anyone to look into this further. I texted xfinity on the 28th asking why they’d taken payment out of my account for items that haven’t shipped. The customer service person told me “The payment is deducted at the time of the order is processed in case there is an issue with the payment.” I sent her a snap shot of my xfinity mobile account where it clearly has a message “PAID WHEN SHIPPED”. She wrote back and told me she wasn’t able to see pictures sent through text message. Which if a lie, that is a shame, but if it is the truth-then who would want to receive cellphone service through a company who’s technology is so bad that customers can’t send customer reps snap shots? Not me.

The weekend came and went and on Monday the 31st nothing had changed with my account. The payment page still said “shipping soon” the activation page was still blank and I had received no email status updates. I called customer service again and finally talked to someone who admitted there was some issue with the account. He forwarded me to a technical assistance person who’s solution after all of this nonsense, was for him to cancel the so that I could put it through again and this will take a few days. I thought his solution was terrible and I was irritated, so that’s what I told him, he didn’t care. And what’s worse is that it is currently Wednesday 8/2/2017, my order still isn’t cancelled my $743 is still not back in my account! I tried texting customer service at 888-936-4968 three times yesterday during the day and they didn’t get back to me until 3 am when I was sound asleep. I texted back this morning  around 8 am and it is currently 11:30 am and they still haven’t gotten back to me.

Are you trying to rob me? Cancel the order and give me my money back! This experience makes me not want to use anything related to Comcast or xfinity. You people really are the absolute worst.

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Corporations only care about PROFITS!   Training is always the first thing cut in anual budgets when profits fall short.  Then staff cuts.  Comcast is no different.  I wonder how many hours of training the people in the stores selling and setting up the few phones they offer got?  We need unions.  

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Like unions every got you good service?  Just consider the junk autos produced by unionized american auto makers.  All at the same time while the union bosses stole pension money and were mobsters.  Thankfully the foreign auto makers came in with their non union plants and the quality of cars got much better.  

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Aprildlr, I'd like to track your order. Please send me a private message with your account number, full name, and the last four digits of your card on file for help. 


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