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Swapping SIM cards

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I already have an iPhone 7 Plus that I own outright and was wondering if I can swap the sim card from the LG X Power into it. I do not want to purchase a new iPhone to test out the service.

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It looks like the Comcast agents are a bit green for this type of question :-)

It is so easy to copy/past what is written on the website...

My answer is yes. But you need to make sure your iPhone 7 Plus was either bought throught Verizon or as a SIM free model on the Apple Store.

Apple is selling 2 different iPhones 7. One with an Intel modem and one with a Qualcomm modem. Only iPhone 7 with a Qualcomm radio will be compatible to be used on Xfinity mobile.

But do not buy the LG X. If you buy the LG X, your line will be recorded as an Android line and you won't be able to access Visual Voicemail.

What I would suggest is to order the cheapest iPhone. In that case the SE. You activate the Sim received on the SE. Once the activation is done and all the services like 4G LTE and visual voicemail are working you just run off you phone.

Then you put the SIM in your iPhone 7 Plus. The first thing you have to do is to go under settings/General/About. You wait couple of seconds to see if there are any carrier update. If none you should see under network: Xfinity Mobile.

Now everything should work. The Sim and the phone number are recorded as an iOS device on the Xfinity/Verizon server.

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Has anybody tried this and can report it works for sure?  I use youmail so visual voicemail is not an issue for me

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Will be able to provide feedback on Wed late evening or Thursday a.m.

My room mate placed an order over the week-end and the phone + Sim Card will be delivered on Wed if I remember well

Will keep you updated

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OK, my room-mate got his iPhone SE. He just activated the card on the Xfinity Mobile website, received a notification through an email saying that the phone number is active.

He tested the iPhone SE: place/receive call, send/receive txt, visual voicemail.

Then he gave his Xfinity Mobile Sim Card. I put the Sim in my Sim Free iPhone 7 (compatible with Verizon). Turned on the phone and everything worked: calls, txt, visual voicemail.

So if you want to do BYOD on an iPhone, I would suggest to buy the iPhone SE. Then request the unlock code and resale the phone on eBay. You may be losing $75.

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Are the phones from Xfinity mobile shipped unlocked? Do I need to do anything to make sure it isn't stuck on Xfinity before I resell the SE?
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Well you have to be patient.

You need to call in to request an unlock code. During that time you need to leave the SIM in the SE. Do not forget to ask for the unlock ticket number. After 24Hrs you should receive a phone call from T2 to confirm that the request has been submitted. Apple should unlock the iPhone SE IMEI within 48-72Hrs.