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Run around, waste of time.

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Run around, waste of time.

I'm headed to Haiti in week. I put it out on facebook that the NGO I will be working with is in need of smart phones for better communication amongst their volunteers. Friends shared my post and through it someone I am not acquainted with messaged me and said they had two phones that they would like to donate. The phones had been used on the xfinity mobile network and were paid off the previous owner was unknown and so there were no account details to be had. Before I accepted the donation I called Xfinity Mobile to ask if it was possible to unlock these phones to an international carrier so they could be used in Haiti. They reassured me that as long as the phone was paid off that they could do it. I accepted the donation and had the phones shipped to me. Since then I have talked to half a dozen Xfinity Mobile techs. They have all said that it can be done. The most recent one told me that I can definitely get it done because the phone is paid off, but that I have to go into the store location to do so. He searched for the closest store to me, which is 150 miles away. I asked him to be very sure because if I was going to drive all the way up there than I didn't want to be told another story. He assured me that they could do it. I hung up and called another XM tech and they agreed with the former. I tried to call the store to also confirm but was told by multiple techs that you CANNOT call a specific branch location for any reason. So I made an appointment online to be there 2.5 hours later (as it was going to take me that long to drive there) and gave the reason as "Xfinity Mobile unlock to international network".  I headed out. 2.5 hours later I enter the store and the CSR said how can I help you? I'm Molly Little, I had an appointment to unlock my phone.  "Oh, you're the unlock. No, we can't do that here. You need to do that over the phone." This store CSR had known the whole time that he was going to turn me away when I got there and NEVER once thought to call and tell me to not waste my time. He gave me a number to call that had a voice system saying something like, "We're sorry unfortunately we are having technical difficulties are unable to serve you today." I'm beyond frustrated!!! Now I am being told that because I don't have the previous users account information there is nothing I can do with this phone. I can't even sign up with Xfinity Mobile and use it personally on their network. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! The phone is trash? Really?  HOW IS IT POSSIBLE for one that a mobile phone company refuses to let customers contact their local store directly to know whether they can actually serve their needs? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT IT WAS ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS CSR TO KNOW WHY I WAS COMING IN AND NOT CALL ME TO TELL ME THAT HE BELIEVED THAT SERVICE COULD ONLY BE DONE OVER THE PHONE? How is any of this acceptable?!!! I am extremely upset. Xfinity has wasted so much of my time, and on top of that, I no longer have phones to take to Haiti for the NGO because I believed that these 2 would be unlocked and would fill the need so I told others the need had been filled. From this experience, I would say that Xfinity Mobile does not care about anything but the bottom dollar. I would highly caution anyone who is considering going with this carrier. They don't know what they're doing and they don't value your time. 

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