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Roaming on cruise ship

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Roaming on cruise ship

International roaming rates by country is well documented on the Xfinity Mobile web site, but I can't find any reference to cruise ships. Will xfinity mobile connect to a cruise ship's cell? If so, what's the rate? And does xfinity mobile offer any package to cover cruising?

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Re: Roaming on cruise ship

@axk wrote:

I can't find any reference to cruise ships.

Thanks for you post - I learn a lot from this forum. I think I found what you are looking for:


google: "What to Expect on a Cruise: Using a Cell Phone"

You'll also find helpful info about texting, internet use, etc.

I doubt that xfinity Mobile (or other providers) offer a "package" to cover cruising. But you never know, call XFINITY Mobile "International support number -- If you need help from an Xfinity Mobile Specialist while you're traveling internationally, give us a call at (720) 728-5462.  Standard roaming charges will apply for international calls to this number"

Have a great time cruising


Re: Roaming on cruise ship

Hopefully wifi calling will be rolled out by the time you go???
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Re: Roaming on cruise ship

Hi axk, thank you for reaching out. You may be able to use your service on  a cruise ship but you may experience fluctuation in services depending the roaming areas around you at that time. At this point of time there is no package to cover cruising.  


Thank you