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How are your experiences coming from Verizon?

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Since I am already a Xfinity subscriber and don't use a lot of data between the two phones we have, the pay per gig plan with Xfinity would save me a lot of money. I am just curious to hear your experiences coming from Verizon. Since it uses their network, is everything pretty much the same?
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I too came from Verizon using very little data.  So far I have not noticed any network issues moving from one provider to another that points to some major underlying problem.  I did have one single short code SMS not come through and of course several institutions have measures in place that notice a provider change and you have to go through reverification measures for 2 factor etc... However I have only been using Xfinity mobile for a very short time.  I have stayed local for the most part and look forward to multi-state trips to fully prove out the move.  I am happy with the move but as always time will tell.

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I guess I am not concerned about dealing with anyone, I am concerned about the service. I hear all these horror stories on here. I have been a Comcast customer for 15 years and Verizon for 20 and never even really had to deal with customer service. Everything just works. So disregarding any shipping or other one time issues, I am looking to hear about the service in general from those who have had it for more than a month or so.
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We have had both Verizon and Xfinity Mobile for a couple of months, coverage has been the same between the two phones as I had expected. Prior to that we were on T-Mobile and Google Fi (which runs on the T-Mobile network in my area), and I must say T-Mobile has come a long way over the last few years - despite the much touted Verizon coverage, I am finding out dead zones for Verizon that worked fine when I was on T-Mobile, but of course there were also dead zones for T-Mobile that now have coverage by Verizon.

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There are a few differences to be aware of between Verizon and Xfinity Mobile. They aren't important to me, but they are to some people.

You are aware of the customer service difference.

Another is that Xfinity does not yet support WiFi calling. That's a deal breaker for people who don't have decent Verizon coverage in their homes.

In terms of coverage, Xfinity advertises the same coverage map as Verizon, but Xfinity probably doesn't have the same roaming agreements in place with third parties as Verizon. Evidence of this is that they use a different PRL (Preferred Roaming List) file than Verizon.

Usually Verizon MVNOs (like Xfinity) get decent LTE speeds, but they are throttled somewhat. That doesn't seem to be the case with Xfinity. The speed test comparisons I've seen show full speed for Xfinity. However, there have been reports of slower latencies with Xfinity.

Generally, with any MVNO, in cases of congestion, you won't have the same priority as a Verizon postpaid customer. I haven't seen evidence of this, but it's possible that your service won't be as good as Verizon at something like a major sporting event.

I've only had the service a couple weeks, but I'm pleased with the network performance so far. There were a few headaches signing up, but now everything is working well. I just traveled through Wyoming and had great coverage in remote areas.
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I have a scheduled date to change from Verizon to Xfinity verfizon in a few days and have been trying deaperatly to see the comparisons. I don't know how it all works I just want it to work as good as Verizon.