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BYOD iphone 8 plus not able to access LTE

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BYOD iphone 8 plus not able to access LTE

Just Switch to Xfinity Mobile, can make a call, receive a message(but very slow), get access to internet via 3G, but!!! LTE does not work for me as well as the option to enable LTE for voice & Data.

My phone About:

iPhone 8 plus brought from apple store which is sim-free version.

Version: 11.4.1(15G77)

Carrier XFINITY Mobile 32.1

Model: MQ8F2LL/A A1864

Modem firmware: 1.93.00

Problem 1: can see XFINITY Mobile at left corn, when turning on the LTE, I can see LTE showed up in the left corner as well, but just no internet access, all the app complaining that I should turn on LTE, but I am. called customer service many times, reset network does not work, delete profile does not work, change a new sim card, but the same issue

Problem 2: Setting / cellular/ cellular data options/ enable LTE/ toggle on voice& data, give me alert "cannot activate LTE calls, to enable LTE calls on this account, contact Xfinity Mobile" . 

Any solution here? I can only use 3G, and can not surf the web during the call, which is painful, called Xfinity mobile many times, but no luck. I don't think I am the  only person, maybe I can get a solution here