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100% of incoming calls show "Restricted" on caller ID

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100% of incoming calls show "Restricted" on caller ID

Since this morning every call coming I to my phone are showing as restricted numbers. No caller ID is coming through on my phone. I also have e novoicemail since Sunday and apparently this is going on with many of the LG phones. Somebody help or let me know if you are having the same issues.

Re: 100% of incoming calls show "Restricted" on caller ID


This might be of some help to you.

"Caller ID" for Incoming calls is a feature/setup managed by Xfinity Mobile for individual numbers.  For some reason the new cell number that was assigned to my XM IPhone had this feature OFF or disabled at XM.  All the calls I was receiving were displayed as "Unknown", no name no number, even calls from number that were on my contact list.  Text messages I received were OK showing correct ID.

I reached someone at XM support who new exactly what the issue was and fixed it in less than a minute by resetting this caller ID feature back on. While the "Restricted" indication might be a different issue - it does not hurt to check the caller ID settings for your number's incoming calls with XM support.


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Re: 100% of incoming calls show "Restricted" on caller ID

My phone just started doing the exact same thing yesterday.  Did you find a solution?

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Re: 100% of incoming calls show "Restricted" on caller ID

Okay, So after several calls, I called them on a separate line and asked them to remove and add back all the features on my line.  They did this, then I power cycled the phone and tested.  This seemed to work.


Also had issue with voicemail getting a "The voicemail box that you are trying to reach is not in servicec" message for anyone attempting to leave a voicemail.  The tech, disabled voicemail, I power cycled the phone, she enabled the voicemail, I power cycled again.  She also said that there was something called blueblock or something enabled on my line.  She disabled this and all seems to be working now.  Have had no issues for 4 days so far and caller ID and voicemail are working again.




Re: 100% of incoming calls show "Restricted" on caller ID

Thank you for sharing the fix - Glad it's now working for you.

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