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xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

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xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

I have 2 Comcast accounts(tv, internet at 2 locations) with 3 personal email accounts so i need an eamil app to support 3 Inbox's


at Comcast encouragement, i downloaded xFinity Connect Android 6.4.0 for best email experience


however i cannot find the method to add additional email accounts beyond the first one



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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

I personally haven't tried to do what you are asking how to do, but the following is something you may want to try out and see if it gets you what you want or close to it.


From your description it sounds like you have two totally separate Comcast accounts for two different locations and that you want the email address of one of the locations to be like the 'primary' contact point to where emails from the second account are sent to so you only have one spot to go for emails.


If that is the case, then the following steps should help in forwarding emails from your second account to your first one.  Logging into your second account from a web browser, select the Email option and then select the Preferences option and from that page select the Email option.  On the new page you are taken to, look down the list of options for Email Forwarding and click the Edit option to the right of it.  Once you do that you will have a check box labeled Enable Email Forwarding.  When you click it, the window will expand and provide you with a spot to input the email address to have the email forwarded to and a check box to select if you wish to keep a copy of the forwarded email.  Once you have configured this, then future incoming emails will be forwarded to the address you indicated, which would be the address you are logged into the Xfinity Connect App with. 


The above won't put the forwarded emails in a separate folder though, I need a bit more time to think upon that part of it and will reply back after I've had some time to give to it.  Just a normal Comcast user myself but I am on here as much as I can be.


Hope this helps out.

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support


thank you for taking the time to provide a deatiled reply, i appreciate it


but actually, i have no interest in redelivering, or duplicating email, from one Inbox the another


this is simply about native capabilities of the xFinity Connect for Android app


all wisely-designed, modern-day email applications support multiple email configurations simultaneously


as Comcast has been encouraging users to download and configure xFinity Connect, for a better experience,

my question is

how do i get xFinity Connect to provide access to my multiple active email Inbox's


if it cannot, I am content to stay with the native eMail client of my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which by design supports multiple email Inbox's, in my case 3 from Comcast and also a Yahoo email address


IF Comcast delivered this app with a 1-mailbox limitation, they overlooked data they had in their won 'pocket'

they could easily confirm that a high percentage of their xFinity accounts support multiple affiliated email addresses/InBox's


thank you for your efforts

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support


I do appreciate your reply and you are quite welcome.  For me it was a rather late night when I started writing the reply and so I was a bit mentally exhausted and not thinking all that clearly, so let's try this again.


Even though I haven't tried to do what you are seeking, I think I have found the way for you to accomplish the task.  Use the information at the following link to add your additional email addresses to your account you are using with Connect and then from there I believe you will be able to see each of the accounts in the Connect App and access the emails.  The information can be found at https://customer.xfinity.com/help-and-support/internet/add-external-email-accounts-to-xfinity-connec...


Hope this helps you out.

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

thanks again for your efforts to assist


My concern is explicitly for the ANDROID application of xFinity Connect, downloadable from the Google Play Store and designed to run on Android SmartPhones and tablets, such as my Samsung Galaxy phone. The current version of that app does not seem to support adding email accounts


that article you shared  seems to  apply only to

(a) the windows pc browser incarnation of xFinity Connect, and

(b) a different(prior?) version of the xFinity Connect application than currently published.

The Menus and presentation (at the page for the URL in the article) do NOT match the pictures in the article, and i am not finding analogous add email accounts options.

The current version is Version: 7.8.2-3.1.0-5


thank you for your willingnes to try to help

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

The article link that I did reference last evening does indeed utilize a computers web browser, but if you take the steps in the article to configure the additional email accounts then those additional accounts will show up in the Connect App which you can then select within the app to read the emails from.  As a test I did set one of my other email accounts up last evening using the steps outlined in the article and was then able to access it from within the Connect App on my own Android smart phone. 


Between the article and your actual screens in the web browser during setup, there may be some differences between the screen and the images shown, I know there was for me but I was able to figure things out relatively easily.  As I understand right now the Comcast email system is in a state of change were they are migrating users from the 'older' format/web pages to the 'newer' format and that is likely why there are some differences in the screens and images in the article.


To the best that I can find at this point in time, the only way to configure additional email accounts for access within the Connect App is to use the web pages in the article referenced last night. 


Hope this helps and clarifies things if I have been a big confusing.  Your question was a good one for me in that it allowed me to learn something new about the features and functions of the App that I had not explored yet and in testing things out allowed me to get one of my additional email accounts migrated over to the App. 


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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

thank you again


pardon me for being so direct, but i find this statement remarkable, and at least impossible for to reproduce:

"As a test I did set one of my other email accounts up last evening using the steps outlined in the article"


attached please find an image file, combining and comparing the referenced article's screen shots,  with screen shots of an actual live browser session to he URL specified in the article


i have used 2 different Windows 7 laptops, with 3 browsers each (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and every time i follow that URL to login to xFinity Connect, the visual presentation does not match the screenshots in the article


highlighted areas include the menu choices across the top of the browser view,

and the email accounts settings

in the live sessions I conduct, there is no 'add account' button/feature,

and there is no text about "the ability to import external email accounts"


in my reply yesterday, i these cited differences, and speculated that perhaps the screen shots in the article were outdated

I pasted in the email service version [ The current version is Version: 7.8.2-3.1.0-5 ] from my live browsing session.


perhaps the pages we are visiting are different because of different geographical regions?


regardless, i remain grateful your efforts,

but they have not moved me any closer to resolution


it was encouraging to read your report that "was then able to access it from within the Connect App on my own Android smart phone"


so maybe someday the xFinity Connect app for Android might actually meet my requirements


please, maiy I ask a direct question, about the experience on your Android app

with multiple accounts configured, at the header InBox row, does the dropdown menu (adjacent to the displayed name of the currently viewed email address) now offer capability to switch accounts, as well as access folders?


we loaded the xFinity Connect app for iOS on a family member's iPhone, that dropdown menu includes both 'Accounts' and 'Folders' even though, at present that device is only host to one email InBox (not one of my addresses)


sorry to be so insistent.

when you see the attached image, you may as surprised and confused as i am


xfinity pages compared.jpg
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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

cohnls wrote: ... The current version is Version: 7.8.2-3.1.0-5 ] ...

Please edit your message to remove the email address in one of the images you posted (2 places). If you don't, your message will probably be deleted. The forums are public and it isn't safe to post personal information here. It's also against forum rules (see http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Forum-Community/Forums-Policy-and-Guidelines/m-p/2618379#M1).

To edit, log in to the Forums and, while viewing your message, click Options, Edit Reply.


7.8.2-3.1.0-5 is the newfangled "Appsuite" webmail version, while the instructions and images in the help article are for the previous "Zimbra" version. As you discovered, the "Account" prefs in Appsuite webmail don't seem to be active. Even if they were, AFAIK these have nothing to do with the way the Android app works.


AFAICT the only way to access more than one account in the Android app is to log in to them one at a time.

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

thanks for the alert


and yes i realize that the app version in pc browser does not relate to Android app,


i cite that version in reference to the differences in the browser screen shots in my attached image,

the Support Article screens have menus and screens,

which I do not see when i browse to the URL in the article


thanks again

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

Your screen shots helped me visualize what you are seeing and as the other poster has mentioned your email account has already been upgraded to the new version and that is why your screens are different than what the documentation has and what I am seeing as my email account has not been upgraded as of yet. 


At the moment the best advice I can offer is to hold tight for awhile until Comcast gets the additional functionality on the new email system to allow you to do the configuration that I have done on my account on the old email system earlier this week to allow you to access multiple email accounts from the Connect App.  It can be done as I just did it this week and have been actively using it each day since the setup was complete, so I know it is possible.  I just don't know when the additional functionality on the web site will be added to perform the configuration to allow the Connect App to handle multiple accounts.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help but this is a time of transition for Comcast as they work on migrating their user base to the new email system and phasing out the old one.  Hopefully updated documentation will not be too far off after the migration is complete so that the amount of confustion won't exist and users can utilize the systems and apps to their fullest potential.

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

I am a bit confused as to who is on the new email system and who is on the old. I have had this problem for more than one year. Am I possibly be on the new one? If they are working on a fix, they are awfully slow at it.
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Re: xfinity connect android - Multiple email accounts support

I I just took the easy way out and did a fix. I uninstalled my Xfinity Connect app on my Android phone, and reinstalled it with the other email address I wanted to view. I will have to keep installing and uninstalling among my three email accounts with Xfinity until they get smart enough to figure out how to fix this mess!