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Voice2go: Change CalledID for outgoing calls

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Voice2go: Change CalledID for outgoing calls

I am moving from Vonage to Xfinity Voice.  When I call from Vonage Extensions (equivalent of Voice2go), I have an option to set the called id to main Vonage number or the cell # (i.e. the number of the cell phone on which the app is installed).  I set the called ID as my cell # as that is the number I publish mostly. I cannot find a similar option under Voioce2go.  Is this feature supported?  If not, Comcast: please consider adding it.

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Re: Voice2go: Change CalledID for outgoing calls

Yet another feature that Vonage has that Xfinity Connect does not.  I also recently switched from Vonage because Vonage had reliability issues (every 1/4 calls did not ring, went straight to voicemail).  Thinking of switching back because the amount of features that Vonage has that Xfininity Connect does not is pretty large.  As unreliable as it was I never actually missed a call due to voicemail picking it up and there were a lot more features such as changing caller ID.  Xfinity is still years behind at their sluggish pace.  One good team of developers could have Xfinity on par with Vonage features inside a month if they actually cared to do it.  It's sad really with all their resources they are being out competed by a new startup.

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