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Secondary Email no longer receiving new mail since Oct 3rd

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Anyone else experiencing this?


Ever since Oct 3, when my secondar account was upgraded to the new inbox on the web portal (which I don't use) my Xfinity Connect will no longer receive email on the secondary as well as my Outlook will no longer receive email on my secondary account.  I have deleted them both and rebuilt twice as well as logged out on my Xfinity Connect.  The only thing that works is logging out of Xfinity Connect and logging back in under my secondary.  This way I will receive email, but now I won't have access to my primary.


Same thing on outlook, if I delete my secondary, it automatically pops back in (assuming with imap?).  But then it's still not giving me any secondary emails on outlook, on either machine. (I have two laptops)


Anyone else have this or found a fix?

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So I figured it out.  This all happened when Comcast upgraded my secondary account to the new web portal.  I figured the problem was locally on my machines as in the past I've configured all the ports and setting locally. No longer true, especially with IMAP, the settings are all controlled at Comcast.


So the fix was to log into my web mail, then click "Preferences" just above the tool bar near the top.  Go into "Email" then "EDIT" my account, very top option, delete my secondary and add it back in.  That fixed everything.  Even trickled down and fixed my Connect app issues as well as my local outlook issues.


Good to know!



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I have the same problem but there is no preferences above the toolbar to choose. Comcast shuld have thought this through a bit more, eliminating the access to secondary accounts creates a lot of problems.