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Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

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Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

Whats up with this app? Bought new phone. I can not call or receive calls from my comcast home phone.It worked fine on my old Android phone.
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Re: Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

I do use the app a lot on my Android phone and so thought I would try to provide some information on things to look into which might help resolve your issue.


After opening the app up and selecting the Call option from the menu, on the call screen up at the top center where your Xfinity Voice number is displayed there should be a dot to the left of the number.  As long as that dot is red it means that the number can't be used to make or receive calls.  It needs to be a green dot before it will work.  


Another area to check, this one pertaining more specifically to receiving calls, is with the app open go to the Settings option, select Call Preferences, Call Forwarding, and after the screen has loaded with your configurations verify that the Xfinity Connect Mobile App is set to On.  


Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

No The Connect app still doesn't work yes it is red so that's why it's not working. I just don't know what to do to get it to turn green
everything is on it's set in advaced call forwarding to five rings. I bought a new high-end model Asus phone I had to lower model Asus phone before and it worked fine I don't know how there could be a glitch in the phone it still uses the Android same system 6.0.1
I have it turned on an auto start manager so it's definitely kind of weird I really like the app because I am a cancer survivor but still talk to doctors all the time and sometimes they call my house and it's nice to be able to answer it on the cell phone but doesn't look like that's going to happen anymore. Thanks for your response I called Xfinity and talk to attack their he seems to think it's something in the phone I just can't understand what it could be in the phone?
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Re: Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

First let me say congratulations on being a cancer survivor!


Appreciate your feedback regarding the initial items that I had mentioned as that does help to know all of those are set and good to go.


While I have seen some odd and strange things over time in this electronic field, at least as of right now I do feel as you that it can't or shouldn't be the phone itself as the cause of the issue.  


I have been thinking about your situation and trying some things out on my own Android phone and I have been able to duplicate your issue in the following set of circumastances.  If at the Android system level in Settings - Data Usage I go to Data Saver and turn it on, then when I am off of any WIFI connection using only cell data connection, then within the Connect App my normal green dot by my home phone number will be red.  It will stay red for a very long time and if I don't keep the screen active it never goes from red to green meaning the only way I can get it to be green and working in this situation is to keep the screen active for a long period of time.  Even if I do get it to go green, as soon as I put the cell phone down and let it go inactive and then wake it back up, the red dot is back and starts the whole cycle again of having to keep it active for a very long time.  


You might want to check that setting out just in case it somehow got turned on or even if it was turned on by default as that might be the issue.


Hope this helps out.

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Re: Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

Find for me on Android 6.0, but after upgrading to android 7.0 can't receive calls on galaxy s7.
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Re: Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

Interesting information to know. 


My own current configuration is a Pixel XL with Android 7.1.1 with the connect app being version 6.5.0. 


Prior to that I was using a Moto X Pure Edition with whatever version of Android came out before version 7 and whatever version of the app prior to the one listed above.


Hope this info helps out in some way as I've received and made calls with the app on both phones without any issues.

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Re: Can not get connect app.to call or receive calls

I have a iPhone 5 and have had trouble for months. I finally reset my router and the call feature started to work. I then went into the router to put in a password and upped the security settings from the standard settings caused by the reset and my iPhone would not work again. I went back into the router and put the security setting to the standard mode and my iPhone worked again. Not sure if this will help you but you can give it a try if you have adjusted you router settings.

i am not happy with having the security setting at the standard mode but it seems to be the only way to get my iPhone to work with the connect app. The text and everything else works at a higher security setting but not the call feature...hope it helps.

I am still looking into my issue as for what I am paying a month and trying to deal with their online chat trying to reach them by phone is a pain! Good luck.