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Calls do not ring on Xfinity Connect App

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Calls do not ring on Xfinity Connect App

I have an annoying problem with the Xfinity Connect App and my two Xfinity numbers. Basically nothing rings on the app where it is supposed to. No one at the Comcast help desk seems to be able to solve it, so I am hoping someone here can. For simplicity, let’s use the following:

My “main” Xfinity voice number is 0438 and it is associated with the primary user, me.

I have a “personal” number 9591 which is associated with an unrestricted secondary user we’ll call “helper.”

When I login to My-Account as either ME or HELPER, and set voice preferences, both numbers are checked as ringing both at home and on the Xfinity Connect App, and the correct number is listed for each user.

Now here are the problems:

  • When logged into the Xfinity Connect App as ME on my iPhone 6s (iOS is 10.x.x up-to-date), neither number rings on the iPhone. Everything else works, email, text, outgoing calls, just no incoming calls for either number.
  • When I log into the Xfinity Connect App as HELPER, the phone will ring for calls to my MAIN number 0438 but not to the personal number 9591 associated with HELPER. I get a push notification for the incoming call to the MAIN number if the phone is locked.
  • All calls to the personal number 9591 go directly to voicemail no matter who I am logged in as. They don’t ring on my home phone, they don’t ring on the connect APP, no push notification. I do get the voicemail notification and can listen to the voicemail.

Here’s what I have tried to fix this:

  • Log out and log into the connect app.
  • Powerdown/powerup the iPhone
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Connect App
  • Install the connect App on a different device.
  • Deactivate the Connect App for one of the numbers to see if the other would ring.

As noted everything else about the Connect App is working fine, I just can’t receive calls at the correct number when logged in as a particular user. Doesn’t seem to make much sense, but I suspect there is a fix somewhere. Thoughts?

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Re: Calls do not ring on Xfinity Connect App

After a bit more experimenting it seems like this is more a problem with push notifications. Incoming calls will ring if the App is actually running at the time, but I do not always receive a push notification of an incoming call if the app is not running. Other push notifications for the app (email, text, etc) work as expected, but push notifications for incoming calls only seem to come for one user (not the primary user) no matter what device is used. It's a bit of a pain, but is workable.

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Re: Calls do not ring on Xfinity Connect App

Experiencing the same problem...no ringing. I hoped there would be a fix, not just a "can live with it" solution.

Any more help?

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Re: Calls do not ring on Xfinity Connect App

Nope, nothing. "Helper's" phone still rings and/or gets a push notification when the main number is called whether or not app is running, gets nothing from his number unless app is running. Main number phone gets nothing(no ring, no push notification) unless the app is running. Same behavior no matter what device each person uses to log on. Makes no sense. 

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