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new homepage sucks

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new homepage sucks

why does the new homepage suck? are they kidding?

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Re: new homepage sucks

Which home page?  Why do you think it "sucks"?  Maybe some feedback are your end would help. If you don't like the home page, don't view it. Change your browsers home page so you never have to see it again.


Re: new homepage sucks

I agree the new homepage sucks. My problem is my homepage is set to comcast.net. Now when I hit the icon for my homepage, it goes to comcast.com. How did this happen? I didn't get any warning this was going to happen. The new homepage is so dark, I can't see my keyboard, or anything on the monitor. I really don't like the guy that looks like he's trying to maddog me and wants to shoot me. And two people looking at him like "I hope he isn't going to do this". There is no better way to start your day, than a confrontation first thing in the morning. I had to scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "check my email and voicemail", and all it did was to take me back to the top of the page. Oh, by the way, can you fix the problem with the "must have cookies enabled" error message? Every time I try to sign in, I get that stupid "must have cookies enabled" error message three times before it will let me sign in. I am already set up to accept cookies, so what is the problem? Every time you people try to make improvements, you screw things up and make things worse. Please just stop trying to do anything, if you left things alone for awhile, we might be able to figure out how to make things work like they should, all by ourselves. You are NOT helping the situation. I just want the old homepage back, I could see it, and find everything I needed.

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Re: new homepage sucks

I agree it sucks

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Re: new homepage sucks

Choose a homepage you like.