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XFINITY TV GO authentication

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XFINITY TV GO authentication

I downloaded 3 movies and watched one on the plane on the way to Puerto Rico.

Tried to watch another one once there, and it just kept spinning ("loading"). So, the Help says that you have to be connected every once in a while, but it refused to connect in Puerto Rico although every other Internet based thing connected just fine.

Also, the text said " not connected in 23 days" although I just downloaded the movies 3 days ago. Does that make sense.?
So, since I couldn't log in as I was alreadt loigged in, I logged out, hoping to log in again and be able to ee the movies. Guess what -- logging out deleted all the movies.


XFINITY TV Go does not "GO"!

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Re: XFINITY TV GO authentication

Sorry to hear about your problems.  We have heard, that there is sometimes a problem when Wifi is on and the device is connected to the airplane wifi. Where the app thinks it is online but gets blocked by the way the airplane wifi works. 


Turning off the wifi on the iPad ususally fixes this. 


We will look into improving the messaging and warning on log out. 


Try it again, with wifi and cellular off. If playing back downloaded conent does not work. Please reply with more details about your device/OS version and username. We will investigate further

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Re: XFINITY TV GO authentication

I have encountered the same problem in Puerto Rico. We have the apple iPad , nexus 7 second generation and apple iPhone 4s. We tried wifi, data and then wifi with data off. We have not been able to stream or download movies. I'm not sure what the issue is, but it's highly inconvenient
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