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X1 TV app unable to access sap on some channels

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X1 TV app unable to access sap on some channels


I just upgraded to X1 service and am trying out the X1 TV app. I am running on Apple iphone with IOS 8.4. The X1 TV app is version To set a secondary audio channel (sap), I simply tap the window while watching a channel, and if a talk-bubble-icon is shown, I tap on that and am presented with language choices. This works great for some of the channels (HBO for example).


However, there are channels where secondary audio is available, but the talk-bubble-icon is not shown. For example, this is the case for the bein-sports channel. Note that on my set-top X1 box, the secondary audio channel _is_ available on bein-sports, is selectable and works as expected.


The tv-japan channel is another example where the secondary audio is available on set-top box but not on the x1 tv app. However this is not as good an example to experiment with since tv-japan only has a limited number of programs with secondary audio. But for me, this is an important one since I am a sumo fan, and really enjoy listening to the english audio during the sumo tournaments.


So why can't the X1 TV app detect and select secondary audio on those channels? I wonder if there is some short-comming in the detection scheme? Or maybe available channels (like HBO) are in a hard coded list, and these other channels need to be added to that list?


Or is there a way in the X1 TV app to force selection of other audio channels even when not detected? I found an "Accessability" option, but this is for setting a default language when the secondary audio already has been detected, i.e., has no effect for channels where is talk-bubble-icon is not shown.


Hope this message can be passed on to the X1 TV app developers and issue can be addressed in a future version.

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Re: X1 TV app unable to access sap on some channels



I am having the exact same problem trying to access the SAP option on TV Japan Channel's sumo and news broadcasts.  Also, and more annoying, any TV Japan recordings which occured after 9/1/2015 have a delay every 3 seconds when I try to watch via the X1 TV iPhone app.   Recordings prior to that date stream without issue.  Very frustrating, but these problems seem to be with TV Japan, as I do not experience them on other channels.



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Re: X1 TV app unable to access sap on some channels

Thanks for sharing your experience about the sap issue using X1 app, hope they can update soon.


As for they delay you saw, I tried streamming News 7 and sumo highlight show last night. I didn't see any delay. But I don't have older recordings to compare and I haven't been using X1 app to stream TV Japan since english sap is not available. But maybe the delay was just a temporary problem with TV Japan as you said.

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Re: X1 TV app unable to access sap on some channels

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