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What's up with the DVR?

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What's up with the DVR?

On x1, for the past couple of days, I've set multiple DVR recordings. Then I go into "Scheduled Recordings" to check that they are all there, then lo and behold only 1 or 2 them at most will be there and all the others are missing. So back I go to the TV Program Guide to reprogram the missing recordings, but the little red dot indicating that it is to be recorded is already present. But I reprogram the recording anyway, just in case. And it's still not on the list.

So then I check my "Recordings" list after one of them was supposed to be done and of course it's not there. Sometimes if I go to my DVR listings online it might be there. In that case I can start the "Watch On TV" from my laptop. But if I wait until the next morning, all of the recordings that I scheduled magically appear as if nothing ever happened. 

What gives Comcast? I don't understand it.

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Re: What's up with the DVR?

We are having the same issues and been trying to get it fixed for over a month!  we record something - it shows in the "recordings" section, may or may not show up in the "scheduled" section.  Sometimes they delete themselves immediately after recording, or if it stays in the list, then we cannot watch it properly - it will start part way thru, skip parts, or just freeze up to the point where we need to unplug the box.  we have missed so many shows - probably the worst DVR we have ever experienced. All the people we have talked to thru Comcast have been very kind and have tried to be helpful - but it doesn't help the frustration especially since it doesn't seem like it will ever get fixed!  Comcast - PLEASE fix the issue!!! 

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