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Videos won't play online

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Videos won't play online

Trying to watch my xfinity online, I subscribe to everything. Was working fine until about 3 days ago. I click on a program and for example, it's an HBO product, I click to play, the hbo video blurb plays, then it gots to the play screen and sticks with the blue dots flashing, but 0:00:00/00:00:00 on the bottom and it never starts playing. I've restarted the browser, rebooted the computer, all hard lines are secure, and others have ability to watch TV. The only problem is with my on-line viewing. Since this is the only way I get to see any programming, I am starting to get a bit agitated. Can anyone help me? I spoke to Customer Service and they couldn't find any problems on their end.


Thank you.

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Re: Videos won't play online

you're post is a bit confusing.


First your posting in the xfinity mobile app thread, but your post seems to say your watching on your computer so which is it?


Then you say all hard lines are secure and others have the abililty to watch tv, so that makes me think your talking about your tv.  you say this is the only way you get to see viewing but you say others can watch tv so what does that mean?


If you are trying to watch hbo on your pc and its not working try a different browser, clear your cookies and your cache and try to install the newest silverlight program.  That usually fixes it, if indeed its your pc that you have a problem with.  Sometimes its a comcast issue and you need them to resfresh your account.   Its very hard to troubleshoot pc  issues like this as everyone has so may different programs installed that could be the issue. 

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Re: Videos won't play online

I apologize, I recently had brain surgery and I am having difficulty finding a way to communicate my problem as well as, I now know, difficulty finding somewhere on the site I could get help. Sorry if I broke any rules, no harm was intended. The good news is you, rog286713, took the time to answer. I will try the different browser, as well as googling silverlight to see where I can update that at. Thank you for your help. It's frustrating when your brain stops working the way it used to! You are my hero.


Terri Lane

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Re: Videos won't play online

I am having the SAME EXACT issue...  subscribe to everything and ondemand xfinity worked fine on the computer until around the same exact date the week of December 17... not it will either be stuck on the loading screen or play the commercial and then.. nothing... I've tried everything to make it work and I cant... comcast isn't helping at all.. thinking of scrapping comcast altogether

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