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TV schedule not loading

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TV schedule not loading

For three days the TV schedule tells me to reload my browser.  No schedule comes up


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Re: TV schedule not loading

I have the same problem, and the Xfinity TV iPhone app now has the same problem.

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Re: TV schedule not loading

You are lucky.  ine has been out for more than three days.  It does show up in late afternoon/early everning sometimes.  Why can't they fix this?  What are we paying for?


x1 scheduale has bug that constantly occurs in frederick md

my X1 guide has a constanly occuring bug.  When you display the guide the current shows on a channel will be illegible because there are several different channels show title's layered one on top of the other for example spike tv will have a clearly displayed logo but the show list will have their show title displayed but it is masked by say pro golf tour on HSN and if you select spike cause you can tell what you want to see is on there but garbled you switch to HSN.   This problem affects a large percentage of the guide not just one channel and even follows you if you switch views from all to HD or favorites.  In fact switching views can also cause it to occur.   You have to power down the box (or reset) to clear this and sometimes it comes right back.  Strikes me as a programming issue but what do I know.  Will comcast actually reply to this post or are we just crying on each others shoulder?  Thereare several other big bug's here but I'll put it under an applicable header, somthing like "my %%#@ X1 box sometimes puts a 5 min delay between a remote control command and execution of it",  and "the auxillary box just quits working all togehter when the wife is watching her shows and she goes ape *^%#@ on me for upgrading to the X! system"

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Re: TV schedule not loading

Has anyone noticed that not one single tech from Comcast has addressed this problem for months now . Not one single response !  Come on Comcast it has something to do with zip code recognition as everyone with this problem gets the error " We could not find any service providers for that ZIP Code. Please try a different 5-digit U.S.Postal Code." Really , how hard can it be ?

Re: TV schedule not loading

well after posting I found a comcast notice that we are posting in the wrong area so I reposted there and it seems they do answer them just hasn't been enough time to get to me yet

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Re: TV schedule not loading

rthbear , thanks , where would be the right place to post ?


Re: TV schedule not loading

bigbrick I'm apparently not the person to ask cause within minutes of posting in what I thought was the right area my post was moved by someone to another "correct" location.  Thwe main page for this thread here has a post at the top or 2 down from comcast with no repliest that gives info on correct spots for guide issues where I posted to but that was moved to an X1 thread by someone else I assume because x1 issues are different than guide issues thread that must deal with the pre X1 platforms.   It's definatly a little confusing where to ask what question, I'll copy those instructions over to here for what their worth, hope it helps you'


Troubleshooting TV Listings Issues: Not Loading, Incorrect Data, Incorrect Time[ Edited ]

Before posting about TV Listings issues, please check the following options. Usually one of these will fix the problem.


Set Top Box Channel Listing Issues

If you're having an issue with the listings on your tv or set top box, please post here: http://forums.comcast.com/t5/Channels-and-Programming/bd-p/CTV_Channel_Prog. The "XfinityTVWebsite" forum (the one you're currently in) is for the xfinitytv.comcast.net website only. Posting in the correct forum will help us get you a faster resolution.


Mobile Apps Issues

If you're having an issue with the listings on your tv or set top box, please post here:http://forums.comcast.com/t5/XfinityTV-Mobile-Apps/bd-p/TVmobileapp.The XfinityTV Website forum (the one you're currently in) is for the xfinitytv.comcast.net website only. Posting in the correct forum will help us get you a faster resolution.


The Website Is Not Displaying Channels Or Is Displaying Incorrect Channels

Make sure you're set to the correct channel lineup:

1) Go to http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv-listings

2) Sign in.

3) Click "Change Location" just above the top left of the grid.

4) Make sure the correct zip code is selected. If not, change it and press "search".

5) Select "Comcast Recommended Lineup"

6) If you don't have a "Comcast Recommended Lineup", HD customers usually want the "Digital" version of the lineup. SD customers can use "Digital" as well, but "Standard" will eliminate many HD channels they don't have access too.

7) Click save.


The Website Is Missing Channels

See the resolution above to make sure you have the correct channel lineup. After that, make sure you don't have any filters turned on:

1) Go to http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv-listings

2) Click "Filters" at the top left of the grid to show all of the filtering and searching options. If doing this hid options that were already visible, click "Filters" again to show them again.

3) If any of the buttons on the left side are blue, click them to deselect them.


All Of The Listings are Off By One Or A Couple Hours

We get your timezone from your local computer. If it is incorrect, your listings will display at the incorrect time.

1) Check that your computer is set to the correct time and timezone. If it is not, correct it and then completely exit the browser. Close all windows. If you're on a mac also remember to completely quit the application.

2) Reopen your browser and go to http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv-listings

3) If the time is still off by an hour after doing that, click "Customer Listings" just above the grid on the right.

4) Then click the "Don't Observe Daylight Saving Time?" link.

5) Select the proper offset.


All Other xfinitytv.comcast.net TV Listings Problems

Please post any other TV listings issue to the forum. Let us know if you've tried any of the above so we don't suggest it to you again.


Thank you.

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Re: TV schedule not loading

I change my zip code and select setting and then save but every time I have to do this WHY WHY.