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Sorry, Playback is Unavailable


Sorry, Playback is Unavailable

 I missed the first 20 minutes of Gotham. I tried checking On Demand; it says "On Now" and doesn't give me the option to start from the beginning. I try the mobile app, and it kicks back:


Video Platform Issue :: 4131 Our video team has been alerted and we're working quickly to fix this issue on our end.


OK...fine. So I try online and when I try to watch the video, it tells me: 


Sorry, playback is unavailable
XfinityTV videos can only be viewed from within the US. If you believe you are seeing this message in error, please connect to a different network and try refreshing your browser.


ummm....yeah, I am in the United States. So I searched and found that a billion other people have had this problem in the past - not surprised. One of the threads suggested going here and posting the results. So here are those results:


My Device Information

My Zip Code:
My Cable Provider:
Use Dac:
My Conroller ID:
My Map ID:
My Persona ID:
My myDVR Manager Status:
Not Installed
My Set Top Box Names:
Not Installed
My Watchlist setup:
Facebook Watchlist Syncing:
Facebook Connect:
My public IP address:
My operating system:
Windows - Undefined
My web browser:
Chrome 50 - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, Like Gecko) Chrome/50.0.2661.94 Safari/537.36
My system type:
Desktop Computer Or Other Device
My Silverlight version:
My Flash version:
Enabled (1687 Bytes).

Time Information

My Clock Time:
Mon May 09 2016 21:03:05 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Server Clock Time:
Mon May 09 2016 21:03:09 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

My Account Information

In Home Authenticated:
Primary Account:
Provider Codes:
S, Jt, Du, Cy, Fk, Kf, Ep, Eq, Hc, Dm, Cq, Hb, Eu, Ey, Ee, Fm, U, Gz, Fc, Eh, Bt, Gi, Ja, Bw, Gf, Bu, By, Bs, At, Em, Kn, Kg, Bl, Ix, Gd, Fo, Bp, Gw, Gr, Iy, Jy, K, Dg, Dt, Bn, Ha, Bi, Bj, Ki, Ka, Ce, It, Ez, Dx, Gk, Fh, Ef, Fd, Do, Fy, Jo, Ju, Is, Au, Ew, Ed, B, Go, Dj, De, Kb, H, Fa, Ci, A, Fx, Gq, Cp, Jf, Cw, Ge, Ea, Cb, Eb, Bz, Jj, Co, Jr, Gh, Jc, Gn, Dp, Gg, Gl, Iu, Dh, En, Fi, Cd, Cf, Id, Fb, Ar, Cg, Df, Cu, Ir, Jq, Ia, C, Br, Fe, N, Ex, Jv, Ga, Fw, Ke, Fz, O, Bx, Dw, Bb, Bc, Fn, Ff, Jm, Dv, Fs, Ct, Cs, Kh, Et, Cv, Gv, Fr, Db, Dr, Jb, Gm, Er, Fv, Dy, Bo, Dn, Ft, Kp, El, Bq, Kd, Km, Jk, Aw, Je, Dc, Jl, Jw, Jn, Da, Im, Iz, Fq, Fl, Gs, Bv, Di, Fu, Cx, Dq, Fg, Fp, Ds, Eo, Gx, D, Y, Es, Gj, Ev, Ht, Gc, Fj, Cn, Ch, Gb, Eg, Kc, Cc, Ji
Internet Subscriber:
Cable TV Subscriber:
Voice Subscriber:


Make it work!

Problem Solver

Re: Sorry, Playback is Unavailable

Are you trying to watch the episode of Gotham that just aired tonight? If so, the current episodes never show up in OnDemand until the next day. If you didn't set a recording for Gotham, then you will just have to wait until tomorrow to see the first 20 minutes. The system is working as designed.  There is no problem that can be fixed.


Although I'm not sure why Comcast is showing it listed here: http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Gotham/6254733241694866112/full-episodes#episode=5214572061925386...


Season 2, episode 20 should not be listed until it is made available.  Looks like someone messed up.


Re: Sorry, Playback is Unavailable

Yes, that's the one I was trying to watch. I was unaware of the episodes not showing up in OnDemand until the next day. I was able to watch a different show on HBO from the start while it was still playing. Anyway, that still doesn't explain the two different errors I was receiving.

Problem Solver

Re: Sorry, Playback is Unavailable

The HBO show possibly wasn't new, so it most definitely could have been available already in OnDemand.


As for the error messages, that's what happens when you out source your programming and web design.  The bottom line is the online listing link should not have even been available yet because the show didn't even air on the West Coast yet.  I can almost guarantee you that link will work tomorrow.

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