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Some DVR recordings not shown on streaming app

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Some DVR recordings not shown on streaming app

Up until Mon this week (5/21) the app and physical inhome DVR were working (more or less) properly. Then on Tues I noticed, via the "recordings" listing on the app, that some previously scheduled programs were (apparently) not recorded. A look at the inhome DVR, connected to the TV, shows that they were indeed recorded and watchable, via the inhome DVR and TV. They were just not showing up in the app's listing and so not watchable via the app. The app shows the remote server (Cloud) space at under 50% with some 30-ish programs recorded, so it's not a space issue. The missing shows (cult classic Sea Hunt on MeTV) had previously (like last week) been recording and listed and watchable via the app running on my Android tablet on my home WiFi network. I note that other programs this week were recorded and do show up in the app, including one from the same channel, different time (WKRP). So it's not a "broadcast" or tablet issue.


So I did like the others who have had this problem and sync'ed DVRs and system refreshed and all. I even cancelled my Sea Hunt recording and then sync'ed (etc, etc) and then setup the recording once again and sync'ed (etc, etc) this Thurs. My result on Friday was that now neither Sea Hunt nor WKRP now show up in the app although they are they on the inhome DVR. And it gets worse. The one time showings of this weeks F1 race practice3 and qualifying are also "lost" to the app (though recorded on the inhome DVR).


What's next, no recorded shows will be listed and watchable via the app ?


I note others have had the same or similar sounding problems and there's yet to be a good answer as to why this is happening or problem resolution ... that I can find. Why is the "Cloud" now forgetting to record shows it used to record ?


FWIW : my location is north of Boston, not Chicago nor Detroit.

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Re: Some DVR recordings not shown on streaming app

Oooops, I see that I have posted this in the wrong forum.


Mods ... please feel free to delete or ignore the above post. I have since reposted it in what I think is the proper forum (for the streaming app).

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