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Re: XfinityTV apps on iPad 3 error 504

Re: XfinityTV apps on iPad 3 error 504

Hey Guys, 


The Xfinity Go amp is much like my old Corvette. When it works it freaking awesome, until it's not.  


I have been seeing the 504 and 7002 issue codes on/off for a while. I tried ALL the recommended actions to correct, and it still didn't work. 


So I did some other trouble shooting texting and marked down when I experienced the problem. I noticed it happens mostly during certain times of day, and/or depending where I'm at in city at the time.  I noticed the app would fail on my ipad, so I tried my iphone 6 - same issue popped up. Then I tried my wife's ipad mini. same issue. then I tried watching on line at a desktop, and it worked perfectly. So my next step was to monitor the internet 'packets' going in and out when the problem occurred. Then, when I got home I tried it again on my ipad connected to my home network. Worked perfectly (about 1.5 hr time lapse to get home). 


That's when I think I cracked the nut on this one.  This is NOT an app malfunction. This happening due to Xfinity regulating traffic according to (what it seems to be) individual accounts, a specific internet connection(s) based on the WiFi demand in a given area, and length of time streaming was in use.  So it looks like Xfinitiy has some kind of procedure for metering streaming, so that people seen as using the service "too much" during heavy traffic are booted in favor of new users. 


Next time this happens just sign out of the app, and wait an hour or so.  Or (if possible) change wifi connections, and see if it works. In Orlando, FL the prime times for failure are 4pm - 6pm weekdays, and 1-3 pm on weekends. 


Don't know if I'm right, but its my best guess based on the evidence I could collect. 

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