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Parental Controls & HBO GO App

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Parental Controls & HBO GO App

I looked and didn't see this question addressed already, so please forgive me if I overlooked something.

Are Parental Controls either ON or OFF - period - for any and all users? I was under the impression that if I turned parental controls on, the adults on the account could enter the PIN and override the controls to watch anything they wanted. This doesn't seem to be the case. My husband is trying to watch something on the HBO GO app and he can't because he's locked out by the parental controls. Obviously HE isn't the one the controls should apply to, but there doesn't seem to be any way for him to enter the PIN and override it.

Yes, I can log on to Xfinity (since I am the primary account holder) and turn the controls COMPLETELY off, but that would mean my 11-year old son would then have access to everything under the sun - which is why we wanted the controls on in the first place. It seems kind of insulting to have the controls apply to the adults on the account, and it defeats the purpose of parental controls to have to turn them off for the kids just so the adults can watch. I thought that was the whole point of having a PIN. Is it really all-or-nothing or is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? 

ETA: I did verify that the parental controls work as I expected within the Xfinity Apps, and a pop-up DOES appear in which we can enter the PIN. This issue seems to be with the HBO GO app specifically. There is no way to enter the PIN and override the controls; the only option it gives me is to log on as the primary account user in Xfinity and disable parental controls completely. There seems to be no way within the HBO GO app itself to change parental controls.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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Re: Parental Controls & HBO GO App

Having the exact same problem, with both the HBO Go and Showtime apps. Basically, if you go outside the Xfinity TVGO app, there is no way
To enter the parental control code. Which means you have to turn all controls off. What they need to do is make the restrictions device dependent.
Either that, or the developers of these other apps needs to provide a way to enter the parental control PIN in settings! Frustrating.
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Re: Parental Controls & HBO GO App



I turned off parental controls on the Comcast site as I am an adult, live alone and I don't want any restrictions.  But when I launch HBO GO I see the following settings:


Movies: NC-17



Do these codes indicate I have full access?


Thank you in advance.



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Re: Parental Controls & HBO GO App

I was just on Comcast parental contols and it shows tow settings above that: TV-AO for tv and and X for movie. 

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Re: Parental Controls & HBO GO App

I'm having the exact same problem. I have my Comcast parental controls wide open but HBOGO says I'm NC-17 and TV-MA. I have tried deactivating and reactivating my device to no avail.