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No sound on some channels

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No sound on some channels

We  recently experienced the problem of lack of sound on only some of our  TV channels.  We pushed every button we could think of in every order posible.  

We tried your internet guide.  It gave a bout 20 codes to punch in and look for a red light.  Where is the light? on the TV? on the cable box? on the remote?  Never did find it.  

Called you on the phone.  They first did some kind of remote reset, then had us go up to the TV and perform that magic maneuver of unplugging it and plugging it back in.  Finally told us it may be due to a power outage.  We waited two days.  Neighbors all said their TVs were working fine.  

In despair i sat before the TV switching back ad forth between channels.  Yes, sometimes doing the same thing over and over really works.  

Still not sure what button I hit by mistake.  I think it was the LANG button on the remote.  Suddednly everything worked fine.  

I would have reported this to your survey call but that had come in before I fixed the problem.  

Why would one button cause sound to go off on only some channels?  

Why don't you suggest solving problems by pushing the Lang button?

Our TV, computer, and phone service are all working fine and  we appreciate the fine service you provide when things are working and your attempts to help when things go wrong.

Right now I just needed to vent.  You say you want feedback.  I hope this helps

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