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How do I access the Xfinity WiFi portal to manage my devices?

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I recently got off the phone with tech support and the rep I had was very knowledgeable and fixed all my issues.


But at the end of the conversaition he said that while i was trying to troubleshoot my issues, that i had added and removed my laptop so many times with different names that i was about to hit my 40 device limit.

He could see and read off every name that i used for my laptop every time i logged in as a new device while trying to fix my TV app issues.

He said there was a 40 device limit and I was about to hit my limit and he couldnt clean that up for me, it has to be done while i'm signed into my account.


So he suggested when we were done that i go into my profile and get that cleaned up.

So i said ok.


Well, I cannot seem to figure where/how to do this.

The closest i get to finding out how is this page Manage Your Registered XFINITY WiFi Devices Through the WiFi Portal

But it doesn't explain how or where I can do this BEFORE I hit my 40 device limit.

I can't even find a link to where he was able to view this information.


I can find Manage Devices For Hotspot Access on my account, but that's not it, it only lists 3 devices and isn't like the list shown in the above link and it's certainly not the one he was looking at and talking about!


So i called back and got a dfferent Agent and she didn't know either, all she could find is the same thing I did.


Any help?

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Here is a link for the Wifi portal: https://accesspass.wifi.xfinity.com/account/


Maybe this might help.  Not sure what id you use to access it, since it didn't like my default Comcast id/password.

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HowAboutThisOne wrote: Here is a link for the Wifi portal: ...

That appears to be for those who purchase access. http://www.xfinity.com/wifi/default.htm#customer_block says:

Not an XFINITY Internet Customer?


Use XFINITY WiFi for an hour, day or week with XFINITY WiFi Access Passes.
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So this is how to remove a device.


1) First sign into Xfinity My account

2) Go to Settings 

3) Click on the Internet Tab on the left hand side

4) go to Manage devices for hotspot access

5) You're welcome

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Why is it so hard to open this wi fi portal up