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Current TV Portal Started Stalling Last Week on my Windows PC at the Loading the APP Screen

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I've always been able to visit the latest PC web portal at https://tv.xfinity.com/listings to view the guide and watch live TV on my two Windows PCs (both Win7 and WinXP) using the latest version of the Firefox browser up until last week with my legacy non-X1 service.  The sign-in screen still appears as usual with "See what's airing now" and the light blue Sign In button:

Screen.jpg


I click the Sign In button and the next screen comes up notifying me I'm already logged in (usually from having signed into my Comcast Webmail earlier):

Screen 2.jpg


I then click the Continue Button (as I alway did) and the next screen (below) at https://tv.xfinity.com/adding-device now continues forever starting last week during the Free HBO/Cinemax promo from July 10th through the 16th, 2017.   I simply assumed the loss of my ability to view the schedule or watch live TV was due to an overload of the system due to the Promo, so I let the issue go until today after the Promo has ended but unfortunately, that next screen below still just sits there loading the app. I see the three round ball lights scrolling and constant two-way packet communication activity on my Blast! Pro connection, but it goes on for hours.   Nothing has locked up on either PC and I easily can close the screen page after giving up on the portal even after letting it try to load the app for several hours.  Also, there are no viruses, adware or malware on either computer (Win7 and Win XP) and there have been no recent changes or updates to the Operating systems nor any new software installed.

Screen 3.jpg


Anyone else seeing this issue on their desktop computers (especially in the Pacific Northwest)?

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Good news folks ..... I changed my Firefox 3rd Party Cookies acceptance setting from "Never" to "From Visited" and also set the keep option to "Until I Close Firefox" ..... I also can choose keep "Until they Expire" which then does not require me to sign in each time I visit the TV Portal, but also puts me at risk of collecting 3rd Party tracking cookies from other visited non-Xfinity websites over time.


Nevertheless, I always used to have the 3rd Party cookies setting to "Never Accept" up until just now (and would still sign-in at each visit) with the Current TV Portal always working fine up until last week, so there may have been some recent changes or upgrades to the portal site on Comcast's side.  Anyway, to Comcast's credit, I have to admit that the Xfinity PC Portal guide and the live watching experience on PCs via the Portal at home has dramatically improved over the last few months.  Thank you Comcast.