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My reminders often skips episodes of shows. Why is this and how can it be fixed? for example, if 2 episodes of a show air at 5pm and at 5:30pm I will often only get a reminder for the 5pm or the 5:30pm episode but not both. Tonight there was a 4-hour programming block of a series for which I have a "new and repeats" reminder set and I was reminded for the first 3 hours, 6 episodes, but not the last hour, 2 episodes. This problem is both bothersome and annoying and needs to be corrected.

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Re: reminders

This is so irritating and it's been going on for as long as I can remember... my reminders often get corrupted.... they switch from SD prefered to WEBQQMD (WTH?), they change from five minutes early to on time to 1 minute early or sometimes they just disappear altogether.  I just moved to Illinois and I had Comcast in Michigan previously and I had the exact same problem with my set setup there.... this is a platform issue