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Xfinity Box keeps freezing


Xfinity Box keeps freezing

I see this issue on thgis forum, but I don't see a possitive answer or solution. A few months ago I started having xfinity box, when looking at a saved program on the DVR freeze, and then the remote has no impact on the TV. I have to reboot the box, or refresh. Before this started to happen, a Comcast Tech came to investigate my signals, as they saw at Comcast I may have some loose connections. I never noticed a problem. They saw a potential problem, on their big Comcast Computer at the office...So he came, and checked every connection, and changed some under the house. Thigs were ok, and then..this freezing issue happened a couple of times. Not enough for me to think it would continue. Well it is happening more and more. So, I know my connections are 'good' now..as he made them 'good'. So..what should I do? If I call them, they'll send someone out, and it will cost me money. Looking at all the problems on the internet, it seems to be happening to lots of people..more and more, and it seems their talking with the techs on phone, is not helping them.SoI almost hate to call, and get stick in this vortex. They must know there is an ISSUE for many of us. Is there a KNOWN solution?

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Re: Xfinity Box keeps freezing

FYI, my xfinity freezes weekly and I just today got upset again and called xfinity. They told me they will send a signal to reboot it. I told them I can and have done that at leSt 50 times over a 12 month timeframe, so I want someone to show ube at my door and do something. I pay $250 per month, this problem is disgusting! If they can’t fix when they get here in 2 days, it’s time to go elsewhere for service. You, everyone should stop complaining about crappy service and call xfinity and demand they go to your house and do something! Fix the KNOWN problem. These guys know this problem impacts thousands of customers, but still don’t address the problem. I’ll send them a bill for my time since my time is worth just As much as theirs. <br><br>Good luck!

Re: Xfinity Box keeps freezing

What solved it for me, is: I got a new box. It completely solved the issue.
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