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X1 Platform Questions

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The X1 platform is available in my area and I'm interested. I presently have Triple Play with 5 HD boxes(3 DVRs and 2 others). Customer Service told me that all 5  boxes would need to be replaced with X1s. Is every X1 box a DVR? Does each X1 box/ R2 remote control unit operate independently, i.e. can recordings be made on each DVR separately? Is there any way to transfer the program recordings from the existing DVRs to the new ones?



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there is an x1 thread right above your post where you should post this but I can tell you this.


I have not heard anything that you cant have x1'[s mixed with regular dvr's but why would you want to do that, i believe cost is the same.


every x1 box is a dvr yes.


I do not think the remotes act independently, that I think is posted in the x1 forum.


the x1 boxes do not hook up to eachother its not a multiroom dvr so yes you can do them seperately. there is no way to transfer recordings.


read that thread closely you will see that the x1 has a lot of issues. If you have your set up working the way you want it,

I would hold off getting it in my opinion. basically your getting an updated guide, it looks exactly like it does on the computer listings on xfinitytv and you get one extra tuner. right now you can record 6 programs at once in your set up each x1 can only record two just like what you have now.




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Customer Service in MA told me that the X! platform is for new customer. I have been a loyal customer of comcast for over 15 years. Have all three services but cannot enjoy the new technology. I guess I will have to terminate my service and come back later How dumb

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First what are your other 2 boxes? HD boxes?

The X1 platform has DVRs and HDs.

If you want them all swapped for X1s , you might need to plan for a lengthy install. All X1 boxes have a modem, so if you have 5 boxes that will equal to 5 modems+ 1 Internet modem=6 total. The tech will need all outlets to be docsis ready which depending on your setup can be easy or tough.

Good luck on your decision.

I know customers who have an X1 DVR and kept their other boxes.
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Sorry this is an old post. Disregard.