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User experience has so much room for improvement


User experience has so much room for improvement

Can Comcast start giving attention to the user experience and responsiveness of cable from the X1 set top box?  Currently it's really terrible.


1. The RF voice remote has tons of input lag, and it's not even buffered!  You have to push each button and wait before pushing the next.

2. There's lots of noticeable processing time when interacting with the menus.

3. If you push the channel up/down button, the system should display the next channel's info overlay instantly, ahead of when the video and audio kick in.  That way, the user could hit the channel button multiple times until they're on the channel they want to watch, without using the guide.  Verizon Fios does this.

4. The guide blows.  The column width is too small to read shows that end in the next 30 minutes, just so that you can see what's on several hours later without panning over--I'd rather be able to see what's on in the next hour easier.  You can't see enough rows, since the bottom section is devoted to an excess of channel info.  I think the very top and bottom of the screen isn't even utilized.

5. How about the ability to set multiple favorite categories.  Fios does this.  Then you can set 1 for shows you want, and 1 for music stations.  Then the shows and music don't get in the way of each other.  Right now with Comcast, I have to have about 6 guide pages of music stations in between the usable channels!

6. The default dump of channels onto the user is ridiculous, and the way to fix it is tedious and only for expert users.  My plan came with SD and HD versions of many stations, and I had to figure out which SD stations did or didn't have an HD version, and then set favorites accordingly.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I even found that there's 1 set of SD channels on low numbers, an HD set of them in the 800's, and a duplicate HD set of them in the 1000's, and those duplicates are entangled as far as favorites are concerned.

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