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Direct TV Comparison

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Direct TV Comparison

I just switched from Directv and just wanted to comment on Things I loved about Directv the Xfinity doesn't have. You can pause the TV for up to 1-1/2 hours and then continue on HD and SD channels. Xfinity only allows 30 minutes on HD and 1 hr on SD channels. You can pause a show on one TV and continue on another one. Xfinity doesn't do that. If you are watching a show and decide to record it, it starts recording from the beginning. Xfinity only starts from the point when you push the record button. The lone thing I hate about Xfinity TV is how they setup the channels, Direct TV has one channel for each show and duplicates it with HD channels (3SD or 3HD)  and you can hide the SD duplicates or HD duplicates. Xfinity has different levels with some channels duplicated 2 or more times in the HD 800 and up with some non duplicated channels mixed in. You need to go from 800 up to find all the channels, Hard to remember where all the channels are so I wind up searching all the time. Xfinity has a feature with the last button that you can pick the last 7 things you watched. Directv just goes to the last channel or you can hit the info button and navigate to the last 4 shows button. Xfinity is a little more convenient. The voice command on Xfinity is nice. Directv didn't have that. 

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