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Constant interruptions to late night viewing

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Constant interruptions to late night viewing

I understand that the majority of viewers are unaffected by what transpires after 2am so it will be easy for them to say "if that's your biggest concern, stop complaining". Please spare me those replies, I already understand that something that does not affect you personally, does not bother you.
It is virtually impossible to watch tv after 2am between the many many emergency broadcasting tests, random lengthy updates and nightly reboots.
1st comcast needs to make sure that their "weekly" ebs tests.......ARE ONLY DONE ONCE A WEEK!!!! Perhaps they could include an algorithm along those lines in one of their updates.
2nd the nightly reboot should be done weekly or monthly and if they're gonna insist on doing it nightly then make sure EVERY night we get the option to delay it. Not that that's a cure all, due to the fact it screws up overnight recordings.
3rd why not let us delay the start of the update.......UNTIL THE FREAKIN MOVIE IS OVER? btw, I was motivated to type this because x1 randomly began a 20min update and I've typed this during that.
Its just rude and shows no appreciation for the $200 I pay every month. Ok. Update is over. Thats good too, it's 230am, just in time for an emergency test or pop restart.
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Re: Constant interruptions to late night viewing

Go into the settings and change the time that the "nightly reboot" occurs...