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Comcast Website is crashing my browser and computer

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HI folks,

I went to pay my Comcast bill today and just after I signed in, the entire browser froze up! (Please note that my computer/s info is below). I had to choose the "kill this page" option because waiting showed no progress. I had my email and an Amazon page open at the time.


I had to use the Task Manager to "End Task" if I wanted to close the browser sooner than waiting for the "Kill..." or "Wait" option. This gets worse; I have two desktops and they are both Windows 7 64bit, Intel based systems. I only have one Browser: Google Chrome 64bit. 


I tried to open the Comcast and/or Xfinity websites at least 3 more times, (with no other programs and websites open). BTW: in the first desktop (where I discovered this issue), the Comcast page stayed open and operable long enough for me to sign in on my first attempt but no more after that.


In those following 3 attempts, the page would freeze up in less than 10 seconds. I was able to open a unrelated page (like Amazon.com), and maneuver it until the Comcast page opened the "Kill or Wait" option box. It was then that I would have no control on any of the Browser tabs opened at that time.


I gave up and tried it on my other desktop computer.


On the second computer, I was actually able to sign in to Comcast, browse to the account payments page, pay the bill, and received the confirmation! (but I can do that pretty quick so we're talking maybe, 1 minute at most). Then the browser froze up and the "Kill or Wait" option box eventually opened. What's interesting to note is, after that first sign in, I was never able to get the sign-in process completed before the browser page froze up, (which is what happened on the first computer).


I ran my Windows Performance monitors and saw that the Comcast page made my Network activity jump off the scale and stay there! None of the other websites I tried and tested did that, ONLY the Comcast & Xfinity sites. The explanation for why I was able to get as far as I did on the '2nd comnputer' may be because it's not as powerful or fast as the first one.


Then again, that really doesn't wash because the 2nd computer has an Ethernet cable directly connected to the Comcast Router/receiver. The 2nd computer's Xfinity speed tests are over 100Mbps and the other (the "1st") computer is wireless at 22Mbps.


There's one more thing and it's serious: In the issue with the first computer, it was only the browser that would crash. I would restart the browser and as long as I didn't try to open the Comcast pages, it was fine.


However, my 3rd attempt to test the issue in the 2nd computer not only froze up the browser, it was followed with a complete O/S Freeze-up! I had to restart the system to get it running again.


Both of these computers are high-performance, custom built, & liquid-cooled, Intel based systems. They've been running great and no hardware or software changes were made in either of them for over 1.5 months. They haven't had any trouble like this and neither has the Comcast websites.


I'm just wondering if anyone else may have had this trouble recently? I plan to test the website again in a few days. The following is a very basic run down of both systems:

(Thanks, Rich P)


O/S: Windows 7 64bit (Both)

Cable Provider: Comcast w/Xfinity Plus (Phone, Internet, TV [Cable Cards & TiVo])

Browser: Google Chrome 64bit (Both)

Internet Connection: System #1 is wireless (IPv4) and system #2 is Ethernet cable connected.

CPU: Intel (both)

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Yes, same thing has been happening to me as well with both ie and chrome.  I can have five tabs open and of those, comcast.net and my email freeze up.  Close those tabs I'm fine or as you've done in chrome, click kill pages.  Quite annoying and at my wits end as to what to do.  I've rebooted my router via the ios app, called comcast, run various scans for virus and malware, optimized my disk and cleaned the registry all to no avail.  The problem seems to sit squarely with comcast in my opinion.  If I don't open those pages (comcast) I can use the internet all day long with no problems.  Quite rediculous and very annoying.  If anyone has a fix please let me know, it would be very much appreciated.