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comcast toolbar-

ok I downloaded the comcast toolbar - for windows - and it doesn't run?

I can't see it-in my explorer bar or anywhere other then downloads folder and I'm frazzled...Since I cannot see I tried again to dnld and it says it's running???? HELP-I am frazzled! Seriously thinking about giving up Pc's! And this internet thingy-about had enough...any suggestions! 


I don't concider myself iliterate when it comes to pc's but it is frustrating when things JUST don't work!

Yes, I hit run but then install didn't pop up to select it?  But it looked like it did anyway?


Any suggestions?


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Re: comcast toolbar-


Give this a try:

If you’re using Firefox:

  1.  Go to Tools from the menu bar and select Add-ons.
  2.  Choose the Extensions tab and make sure XFINITY Toolbar is enabled.

If you’re using Internet Explorer 9:

By default, all toolbars are disabled in IE9.

To enable the toolbar:

  1. Press Alt to bring up the menu bar.
  2. Select View from the Main Menu and then go to Toolbars.
  3. Choose the XFINITY Toolbar.


If you’re using Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Go to the View Menu on the top of your browser window.
  2. Choose Toolbars from the dropdown menu.
  3. Check to see if there is a check next to the XFINITY Toolbar.

For other versions of ie or firefox you can try the same steps.

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Re: comcast toolbar-

FWIW- Not too many regulars here recommend using the Comcast toolbar at all.   

Need Email Help? Please post the following information in your post.
Do you use XfinityConnect? The Full or Lite version?
Do you use an email client? Which one? (Eg; Windows Live mail, Outlook, a smartphone etc.)
Which browser/version do you use? And- have you cleared your browser cache?
Which operating system? XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X
Details of the problem you are having.

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Re: comcast toolbar-

Delete the toolbar it does nothing for you or your computer.

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Re: comcast toolbar-

DoubleG wrote:

Delete the toolbar it does nothing for you or your computer except to break things that once worked perfectly and to give the user high blood pressure !!!.

There DoubleG, I fixed it for ya' !!!!  Smiley Wink

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Re: comcast toolbar-

That's it exactly...

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Re: comcast toolbar-

Thanks guys!  I was going to download their toolbar, but after reading your postings, I hit the brakes and decided not to!


There is enough headaches in life without adding more.  Thanks again.

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