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Internet explorer always showing "Not Responding" in Windows Task Manager

A month or so ago I received a notice that Comcast cancelled my Norton Security. I downloaded Constant (or Complete) Guard from Comcast.net and I have been having problems ever since. It takes hours to get on to 1 website. The Windows Task Manager shows 2 internet listings with Status "Not responding" and will remain that way all day. I have to end the browser wait for dumps and try again. I may have to repeat this process 5 or 10 times. I cancel ComcastSpy and IDVault from admin, stop Norton firewall and sometimes I can get a webpage. Often, I reboot and repeat same process until it works. Now, I've tried removiing Constant Guard but the computer freezes completely and I have to reboot. This has been going on for a month!

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Re: Internet explorer always showing "Not Responding" in Windows Task Manag

You might want to read this post and follow the advice given there.


Re: constant guard slowing my computer

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