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cant see my call log

when i try to view my call history it just shows me packages that comcast offers like im not a customer???

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Re: cant see my call log

There is a problem with your account.


I'll notify the Comcast admin team, and they will correct it.  Watch this thread and your email as they might need more information.  Because of the long weekend, this won't get looked at until the middle of next week.

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Re: cant see my call log

What are you signing into website with? Comcast username, @comcast.net or another domain such as @yahoo.com? Or no domain at all? From what i know, to see the log you MUST be logged onto with the @comcast.net one if you have internet also from Comcast. This changed for me recently since i was using my yahoo login, and now i have to use my comcast login to see my logs.



Also, try going to the digital voice center and log on with your phone nr and voicemail pin:




If this works then it's a simple username issue, not a problem with the service Smiley Happy

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Re: cant see my call log

Can you clarify the info in the post above please?

Just 'Dete'
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