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One line works and the other doesn't - WHY?

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‎04-08-2010 06:42 PM

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One line works and the other doesn't - WHY?

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I signed up to add internet to my cable and phone service.  A tech came yesterday and hooked it all up and everything worked just fine.  Both my phones worked yesterday.  This morning I get up and see a light on my phone that tells me that something is wrong with the phone line.  I pick up the phone and it tells me to check the telephone line.  I go and check the other line where the internet was hooked up and that phone works just fine, but that's in the bedroom.  The one in the living room, where I spend the majority of my time, doesn't work.  I took the phone from the bedroom, which is a land phone, and plugged it in directly into the wall in the living room and it doesn't work.  I took the phone back into the bedroom and plugged it in and that phone line works fine.  What's up with that?  How can they turn off one phone line without telling a person and without actually doing it at the house?  I called Comcast this morning and they gave me some excuse that the router &/or modem may need to be moved somewhere outside for all the phone lines to work.  WHAT??  Why did both lines work yesterday and now not today?  I have a tech coming tomorrow but would still like someone's opinion as to what's going on.  Will this be another charge for the extra line?  I don't understand.  Please, someone help me understand.  I need help.  Thanks.

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Re: One line works and the other doesn't - WHY?

It sounds like you already had Comcast for phone service, and just added high speed internet?


Sounds like your inside wiring has been affected with, most likely a loose connection or break at one of your jacks, wiring in the basement or at the Network Interface Device (NID).  That is the gray box on the outside of your house which is the interface device for you local wireline phone company.  In many homes, your inside wiring would terminate inside that box, and would be wired together to connect some or all of your phone jacks inside your home.  These small gauge copper wire can many times when moved around, can break off or a bad crimp can cause loss of phone at one of your jacks.


The tech will check, test and repair your wiring issue.  Normally your inside phone wiring is your responsibility.  It would be up to the tech to determine responsibility.