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No Fax Capabilities with Comcast Phone, Internet, Digital Voice Systems

I have the entire comcast set-up, phone w/digital voice, cable, and internet service.  What I can't do that I could do with the "V" service was use my printer FAX.  Now I cannot.  I receive the message...no dial tone.  Do I have to purchase "V" with a copper line in order to send and receive faxes?
Ms. Reid
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Re: No Fax Capabilities with Comcast Phone, Internet, Digital Voice Systems

I'm not sure if there's a way to get your fax working through your new setup.  I doubt it, but someone with some experience with it might have some ideas.
If you can't, however, it would be cheaper and easier to sign up for one of the many online fax services out there, which essentially handle your faxes through email or through a website.  Google for online fax, and you'll find dozens of them.  Received faxes would just land in your email inbox.  To send faxes, you would use your printer/fax as a scanner - scan the document you want to send, then "fax" it via email.  Of course, if the document already exists in an electronic form (like a PDF or Word doc), you can fax it directly (i.e., without printing it out, then scanning it in again).
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Re: No Fax Capabilities with Comcast Phone, Internet, Digital Voice Systems

I have my HP all in one working with CDV service no problem.  What you have to do is put a telephone splitter in the wall outlet then run a line to the Modem and a line to your fax.  If you do it any other way it won't work.
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Re: No Fax Capabilities with Comcast Phone, Internet, Digital Voice Systems

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I hope the following will answer your questions on fax machines.

If you cannot receive faxes, check the following;

1) Is the fax configured to "auto received?" (Refer to your owner’s manual).

2) Is the ring cadence set for all ring tones? You want all ring types and you are not using a DSL connection. (Refer to your owner’s manual).

3) If manually receiving, are they using the correct command for this? (Refer to your owner’s manual).

4) Is the fax connected to a working jack for that line? To check this, take a known working corded phone and plug it into the telephone jack that you are using and check for dial tone.

5) If you have voicemail on the same line you have a choice:

have the fax set to answer under four rings

have the fax auto answer

get a 2nd line

remove voicemail.

If you cannot send faxes check the following;

1) Verify that the fax is connected to a working telephone jack (see #4 above).

2) Make sure that the dialing used is TONE, not pulse (refer to your owner’s manual).

3) If it is an HP fax, ensure you are using the silver/satin cord that came with the fax or the adaptor (refer to the manual).

4) If the fax has a speakerphone built in, what is the sound that you are hearing (fast busy, number cannot be completed as dialed, etc.)?

5) Verify that the number being dialed is correct.

6) Place a test call it to see if you can hear the fax tone. If you do not get the tone, it most likely on the receiving end.

7) If you have voicemail on the fax line, make sure you do not have any messages waiting, the stutter dial tone will cause some fax machines to think there is no dial tone.

8) Are you using a built-in speed dial? It may be dialing before you get dial tone and the first couple of digits may not be heard by the switch. Add 1 or 2 pauses in front of the number dialed (refer to your owner’s manual).


You have a few options to connect the fax to Comcast Digital Voice service;

1) Go direct from the back of the eMTA to the fax. Then, if the fax has a "tel out"

port, connect it to a normal telephone.

2) Use a splitter so you can have a telephone and a fax connected to the same line.

3) If connected to the inside wiring, use a wall telephone jack that has been activated for that line.

4) Going direct to the back of the eMTA, you can swap between your normal telephone and the fax.

In rare cases you may have call quality issues. This can interrupt the fax and in order to resolve, we will need to schedule a service call.

If these steps do not work please contact us .


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Re: No Fax Capabilities with Comcast Phone, Internet, Digital Voice Systems


All I do is unplug phone cord and plug in fax cord and I can fax.  Never had a problem

Knoxville Tennessee
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Re: No Fax Capabilities with Comcast Phone, Intern

Or you can call the Xfinity customer service number and ask for help.  They will tell you that a fax machine is not their problem and suggest that you call Signature Support at 855-308-9433. That way they can try to charge you for the help.  Sounds great doesn't it?  Wonder how much they will charge when there is no competition?

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Re: No Fax Capabilities with Comcast Phone, Intern

I just started using Comcast Phone, cable and internet service.  My new Brother MFC J650DW printer fax can't send or receive faxes. Comcast told me it may be my printer.  I was about to return the printer until I read these post.

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