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How to block a number

How do I block a call? Same bogus number has called me 5 times in 3 days. Seems to be a sales call, but they never talk to me. I say hello three times with noise in their background, then they disconnect. Would like to block the number.

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Re: How to block a number

Call screening can be setup on the phone or on Xfinity Connect


Here's the link to the features quick guide, basically you can enter the number by dialing *60 or enter it on the Xfinity Connect under preferences / call screening.

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Re: How to block a number

How would someone go about making a suggestion to improve this feature?  As an example, why not allow users to add phone numbers to a list and when those numbers call, don't allow the call to go through.


It is similiar to what Google Voice does.  I've used it and it works pretty well.