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Voicemail light

We had Xfinity voice service installed on Monday.  The voicemail indicator light is not working, nor do we get the two beeps you are supposed to get to let you know you have a voicemail when taking the phone off the hook.

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Re: Voicemail light

The Comcast Cares Team has been notified and will get it fixed.


Watch this post and your email for updates from the team.

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Re: Voicemail light


Thank You
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Re: Voicemail light

I have just the opposite issue.  The the past two days our voice message indicator light on our Uniden cordless phones has been continually blinking with no voice mail present.  I have reset it by either holding down the page button on the phone or creating a "test" voice mail and deleting it.  In both cases the light will stop blinking for a few minutes and then start up again.  How can this be fixed?


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Re: Voicemail light

I'm having the same problem.  Indicator light keeps showing up, but no new voicemails.  I've been calling home phone with my cell phone to leave a message so I can delete it, which turns off the indicator light, but the light comes back on again approx. 10 minutes (or less) later.